Thursday, October 14, 2010

Irony is my best friend.

Hey guys, sorry I bailed on you all yesterday and didn’t do anything I said I would.  But I have a good excuse…I think.  LOL!

It’s kind of funny.  No sooner I send  off the post telling you guys “I’m cured!!!” did I start to feel symptoms of a reaction coming on.  I waited it out and by early morning I was in full on reaction mode.  :-(  Seems that I might have an allergy to corn as well as wheat.  I had one of my “reactions” the night before last and the feeling stuck with me all day.  I felt horrible and tried to figure out what caused me to feel sick.  I didn’t eat much at all, and the things I did eat I had had before.  Now I did drink some Sobe water and in the past it has made me as sick as a dog.  I thought that maybe that was all in my head but perhaps that is what made me sick.  There is not gluten in the water, but one of them was sweetened by artificial sweeteners.  Those always make me feel bad.  The other one had sugar.  So I guess I will only drink the ones with sugar from now on.

But I’m not 100% sure it was the water that made me sick.  I had some soup as well that my mom and I made.  It was just plain veggies from the can and plain unseasoned chicken and some peeled and cut carrots and potatoes.  No salt or anything added.  It was really good.  But as I ate it I kept wondering about the corn.  I want to experiment and try eating corn one morning to see if I have a reaction, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it today since I feel decent today and I haven’t had many of these days in a long time.  Felt kind of sick this morning but I think that is due to drinking Sprite last night, which is gluten-free, but it caused acid.  I still have the horrible acid problem and so I have to try to remember to either watch what I eat or take something when I do.  I knew the Sprite would cause acid but I am trying to cut back on the Tums I take and since I figured I could just go to sleep I did and thought nothing of it.  But this morning I felt pain and pressure in the chest area and it caused some anxiety so I really regret not popping some Tums before bed.  But it’s passed now so all is good.

But with me feeling a little better each day it makes me want to craft more and I have been working on sewing again.  It’s a little tedious this time because I have decided to cut out all the pieces for several dresses.  Which means I have to cut about three pieces per dress then fray check them all and then sew them together.  I am ready to start the sewing together part today.  I think I need to change my needle.  No, I know I need to change my needle on my machine.  It’s still the same needle it came with.  I know!  I know!  I should have changed that puppy a long time ago, but it still worked fine so I didn’t bother.  I am a little nervous about doing it which is silly.  I took the machine apart to oil it but a simple unscrew a bolt and replace the pointy thing then screw the bolt tight again scares me.  LOL!  I’ll do it after I finish these dresses.  I think my stitches are a tiny bit looser due to the needle, but it could be my knobs need adjusting. 

So yeah, I’m off to sew some and then hopefully will have energy to post some blog posts I’ve had waiting for a few days, do comment responses, and email responses.  Speaking of my blog, I’ve been working on a testing blog and tinkering with layouts and whatnot since I don’t like how my current one is so cramped.  I have adjusted things and will unveil a new one day layout on Halloween that will be replaced by a new one on Thanksgiving.  The Halloween one is ready to roll, I now need to work on the one for Thanksgiving.  I have an idea for it, but once again I need to test it first.  Oh and for those you on my crosspost blog on Livejournal, the new layout will only be put on my Blogger blog.  Messing with the Livejournal layout is honestly no fun.  Sorry guys, but feel free to come over to my Blogger blog to see the layout on Halloween.

Humm, what else, what else?  Well, I need to hit a store soon.  I need to see if i can find some Thanksgiving fabric for a project I have in mind.  Just not sure where to look.  I guess anywhere really.  I hope that I can find some in scale fabric.  Although since the fabric will be for Blythe dolls it wouldn’t matter really if the scale were a little big but in scale fabric would be cuter.  I’ll have to start looking around.  Ok, I need to stop blabbering and go get working on sewing.  I’ve been meaning to since I woke up this morning around 8.  I just felt bad this morning and spent it in bed.  But it’s almost 4 in the afternoon now so I need to hop to it.  No previews yet of what I am making since I will be starting the sewing process and will want to show the finished work, but you guys will be the first to know when I am done.  Ok, I’m off.  Bye for now guys.

Loves ya,

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