Saturday, October 16, 2010


Why is it I make plans to do so many things and I never see them through?!?  Ok, so I still need to catch up on so many things that I said I was going to do the other day and something always happens to keep me from doing it.  I need to make a to do list for tomorrow and knock every item off the list no matter what.  Humm, yep, making the list in this post right now.

1. Respond to emails.  Yes, I know I still have yet to do this but tomorrow it is getting done.  Ugh!!!  I’m such a bitch to not have done this sooner!!!  But if you all can’t tell I’m feeling so much better as of late and I’m ready to get cracking on things I put on the back burner.

2. Respond to comments.  Every single last one of them!!!  Hopefully once I am caught up I will NEVER get behind again.

3. Pentagon stuff.  More of a personal thing for me to list that I won’t get into here.  But it’s some family stuff I help out with that needs to get done tomorrow.  Well it doesn’t “need” to get done but I am getting it done.

4. Go with my sister to Babbages.  She wants a game there and gets lost in the mall easily.  We don’t go there much.  So I will take her so she doesn’t get lost.

5. Go to Barnes and Nobel and see about using my gift card there on something.  I was thinking a doll magazine but I think I changed my mind to get a young adult book.  Not sure which one yet.  I haven’t read young adult in forever and I want to write for young adults so I need to do some “research”.

6. Work on logo for shop.  I have made several but I hate them.  I need to work on something cute.  I am going to borrow my sister’s tablet and see if I can come up with something.  I’m not an artist by any means but I think I could come up with something cute.  I at least want to come up with an idea tomorrow.  Fingers crossed I can do it.

7. Merge blogs.  I finally decided to do it for good.  It’s getting hard having several blogs when I all I want to do is focus on this one and the one I cross-post on.  Eventually I will get a domain and just have both blogs redirect to it so I just want to get things focused.  I never should have done the multi-blog thing in the first place, but I was in my foggy-headed mind and just thought I was making things easier on myself and my readers.  Nope.  I just made more work for myself and would ignore this blog while blogging on other blogs.  So I am merging them all, hopefully seamlessly.  Toes crossed that I can do it.  ;-)

8. Come up with November 1st layout design.  At least get an idea about it.  I have the Halloween one ready which I am sure will change some up to the day I post it.  But I don’t have one for after Halloween.  I’ll think of something, just need to decide if I want it seasonal or more permanent.  I think will do seasonal until New Years and then pick a more permanent one…that is until it’s Valentine’s day.  Maybe I will have a permanent one and then switch it out for holidays and then switch back when I am done.  Ok, talking out loud here now.  Blah.

Humm, I think that is it.  Those will all take several hours to do…so I need to go to bed soon so I can get up early.  But umm, I’m wired from chocolate I ate today.  I can eat M&Ms and while I didn’t down a whole bag the little bit I did down has me wiredddd!!!  Ahhhhh!!!  I barely ate today so I am wiredddd!!!  I need to force some cereal down my throat so I will something of substance in me.  But I’m not hungry.  It’s weird, since going gluten-free I’m not hungry any more.  I don’t mind it, but I have to remember to eat.  And while my stomach still has a dull ache it’s feeling amazing!!!  Ok, I’m too hyper, going to go eat and relax.  I may try to hit my list tonight, but don’t hold me to it for tonight.  If I do then woo hoo I’m full of coolness, and if not, well there’s always tomorrow. ;-)

But I can’t leave you with nothing, so I leave you with one of my favorite songs from the play/movie “Rent”.  “The Tango Maureen” made me decide that when I lose some more weight I want to take up tango.  I hope with the boyfriend.  He seems into it.  Fingers crossed.  I doubt he’ll like seeing me dance with anyone else, so hehe.  :-)  I’ll be dancing with the cutest guy in the room.  ;-)  Oh warning, this song drops the f-bomb a few times.  Yeah I realized the other day I put up some videos that did that.  While I don’t mind it because my mind literally glazes over when swear words are dropped because they just don’t bother me, I know it may bother my readers.  So I will give fair warning when I remember if something has some strong language.  So consider yourself warned.  F-bombs ahead!  BOOM!  Enjoy and talk to you guys tomorrow.

Loves ya,

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