Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shopping online just got more awesome.


So I know this post will be going up next week, but I had to create the post now.  It’s 4 A.M. Saturday morning and I wanted to watch the Christmas Shoppe on QVC, I love watching home shopping networks around the holidays.  The segments just seem jollier and I love seeing all the things you never knew you needed.  :-)

But being so late/earlier in the morning I didn’t feel like sitting in front of the tv to watch it.  To my surprised I learned that you can watch QVC from your computer.  Now, I thought that was cool enough until I looked at the window that the player was in.  On the side of the player the item that is currently being talked about is listed and if you want it there is a “Add To Cart Button” right there on the page.  I think that is just so awesome.  It’s so convenient.  Now I have never shopped from QVC or HSN, but with this ease of use and purchase I could easily see myself doing so one day.  You will need to check it out one day.  Just go to the QVC website and click on the “Watch Live TV” button and there you go.  They also have a tv schedule if you want to see what’s on, what is on next, and will be coming on later on in the day or later on in the week.  Pretty cool.

HSN also has a live show you can see from their website with the same concept.  It does not come out in a pop up like QVC, but it also has the current item that is being talked about listed, and if you like what you see you just click on the “Shop Now” button.  The one thing I don’t like about the HSN site is that their live show needs to buffer a lot, so you are missing a lot.  So HSN may be more fun to watch on tv instead.  Edit: Actually I am watching it again now and it’s not buffering like crazy.  I think it did the buffering because I had both QVC and HSN streaming at the same time.  So just stream one network at a time.  :-)  Check it out.



And just for fun, here’s my favorite item of the hour.  I was thisclose to purchasing it, but decided against it because I have other plans to make a fleece blanket with an old flannel sheet on the underside.  I will need the moolah for nice thick fleece instead.   Oh well.  Maybe I can make one of those Santa cuddle blankets next year.  :-)

Ok, so I just have to have my dork moment there.  I just thought that was so cool and had to mention it.  Who knows, maybe someone out there will find this cool too.  LOL!  Ok, talk to you all later.

Loves ya,

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