Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blythe and Littlest Pet Shop, the perfect match.


So have you guys heard about the cute Littlest Pet Shop sets that have come out that have Blythe dolls?  They are super cute.  Take a look.

Buckles And Bows
So one of the first ones I fell in love with was this one called Scooter.  It’s the most expensive out of the set and I don’t think that the retail stores have this one.  The Blythe is such a cuties and so is her cute pet.

Playfully Plaid
The next one I like is this cute one called Playfully Plaid with a horse.  I think the plaid outfit is so cute and I love the hair and eye combination.

Cold Winter Cute
The next cute one is this one called Cold Winter Cute.  The little pet is super cute and the Blythe is pretty with her cool blue eyes and brown hair.

Scooter 2
The next set I like is this one called Buckles and Bows with what looks like either a mouse or a hamster.  Either way it has the cute round ears.  Now before you get excited, those clothes are cardboard.  I know, bummer.  :-(  But still a cute set.

Fabulously Vintage
And the last cute set is this one called Fabulously Vintage.  The cute pet is a spider.  The Blythe is so prime and proper while still being super duper cute.
I have always wanted a petite Blythe and from what I read these Blythes are put on the first petite Blythe bodies.  The cool thing about these Blythes are they fit Polly Pocket plastic clothing which is also sometimes clothe and some free patterns exist online for them as they become more and more popular.  And now that they are popping up in stores their popularity show grow.  I think I want to get Scooter and Plaid the most.  But I think if it comes down to just getting one since I can’t really do much with them I would like Scooter.  I love her hair and her outfit and her pet so Scooter may have to come home if I can find her cheaper somewhere.  25 bucks just seems like a lot for such a small set.  Granted you do get  a lot more than the other sets, but not over 12 dollars worth of stuff.  If anything I could see 20 for the set but now 25.  So I hope Walmart or Target get the set.  She reminds me of Miss Retro Mama.  I wanted to have her so bad but couldn’t afford her at the time and now she’s gone up in price.  Having a mini Mama would work for now.  :-)
So what do you guys think?  Cute?  A must-have?  Let me know if you will be adding one or all of these beauties to your collection?  I’m off to go back to sewing.  I was letting some No-Sew dry.  Bye for now.
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