Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good-bye Winter. :-( Hello Spring.


Hey kids! So let me just say that the past couple of weeks has been a rough one for me. Very rough. And today seemed to balance it out more. I'm slowly coming to terms with some things, getting things fixed in my life, and now I'm getting ready for a big purge that I hope will continue this positive cycle I'm currently on. I will explain a little more later. I just wanted to pop on and say a sad good-bye to Winter and a silent hello to Spring. I have some mixed feelings about Spring but it's here for three months so I best get used to it. It's far better than Summer, but still.


So hello Spring and may you be good to me this year. Ok kids gotta go. I'm currently nursing a back twinge that refuses to go away after a hectic couple of days. Talk to you soon, and have a completely awesome weekend! :-)

Loves ya,


  1. Yay, Spring! Never been happier to see it!

  2. Must agree that Spring is nice welcome when it's been bitingly cold, but goodness does it get hot. LOL! Hope your spring was awesome though. ;-) Thanks for your comment. :-)


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