Monday, March 22, 2010

What have I been doing lately?

Ok, so this will be a quick post. Over the past month I have been working on some small projects. I wanted to make a quick post about them.


First up is a non doll related project. Years ago I watched "The Sound of Music" with my sister and got hooked on the song "Edelweiss". I was constantly humming it. Well for Christmas that year my sister got me an egg shaped water globe that played "Edelweiss". I loved it! Well over the years the globe turned a brown color from bacteria and I didn't notice it until it was too late. However, from working at "The Music Box" in the mall I learned that the brown color was a problem for a lot of globes and that if you put it in direct sunlight you can kill off the bacteria and turn you globe back to clear. So I've been working on that and slowly but surly it is turning lighter. I haven't been doing it lately since having to move things for this weekend. Ugh! And I may decide to just put the globe outside during the day for direct sunlight and heat and hope it will work faster. Just need to see if the extreme heat could pop the glass before I do it. Anyone know if the heat would do that? But yeah this picture is from day one and the next one is from a couple of weeks later.

It's slow going but it's getting there. Not sure if I will ever get it back to clear since it got so cloudy but even if it just gets to a light tea color it would be better than the dark tea almost coffee color it was.

Craft Project

On to my second project. So what could this be? Well, after I got Joanne's package with my Rose Titanic doll I realized I had no backgrounds to take pictures in front of. So I came up with an idea of how to make some with watercolor and canvas paper...which I am in love with now. I didn't take pictures of all the backgrounds but they are all similar just with different colors. here are two for you to look at.

ITP Prize

ITP Prize

I like them and they seem to give the background some texture which I like. Kind of like a sponge effect, which is what I was actually doing so I hope it comes off as that somewhat. Another item I used that wasn't pictures was an old toothbrush for a spray effect.

Testing Picture

Another project I am working on, that I will be hush-hush about, resulted in this test picture. I love the effect and it's exactly what I was going for. I just hope I can catch this look again when I do my project. Wish I could tell you more but you should all find out about it by the end of the month. :-) Stay tuned until then. :-) Well I am off again kids. I've got things I simply must do, but I will be back with another post very soon. Be good until then. Bye.

Loves ya,

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