Saturday, March 13, 2010

You are what you eat?

I have been meaning to talk about this for a while now, but just kept forgetting about it. There is an artist by the name of Joy Kampia who crochets mostly food items. She reminds me in a way of Twinkie Chan, but Joy does her art in a slightly different way. She goes more for recreating real times where Twinkie Chan makes those items into wearable items such as scarves and mittens. Both ladies have such cute flare and while I was going to post about Joy I think I will post about both lovely ladies today.

Let's first talk about Joy Kampia.



Now let's talk about Twinkie Chan.



And to get things back on a doll theme, albeit a creepy doll theme, here is a picture I found while surfing the web for something doll related.


Honestly this creeped me out when I saw it. It still kind of does. I wonder how that suit was made and how he got into it. Did they attach the dolls to a fabric suit and then he stepped into it? Did they glue the dolls to a fabric suit he was wearing? Did they sew the dolls to a fabric suit he stepped into? What is it?!? And why did they create this because, and please excuse me for say thing, but that's not art. Ok, so to someone it was art or at least artistic or creative, but it's just plain freaky to me. LOL! But I refuse to be one to keep the creep all to myself, thus I chose to share it with you all and pass the creep on. No need to thank me. You freaked out looks are thanks enough. :-D That's all for this post. Talk to yo lovelies later.

Loves ya,

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