Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So this morning...

I woke up early and was happy to not have to go anywhere right away, like the rest of the week usually goes. I sat down at my desk, opened the window, and turned on my computer. The house phone rang and it was my dad. No biggie, he usually calls my mom to tell her he got back to work ok. She commented that he got there safely and they must need him. He said yep and that he quit. *Insert sound of record scratch here.* Uh...daddy who's no longer working say what?

We were all in a state of shock. Even my boyfriend was shocked when I told him. My dad has been working ever since he was 15. Well actually younger, but it was more of free child labor. But being paid employment has been since 15 since my grandmother lied to get him into the Army a year before he was legal. Anyway, so after he retired from the Army he went into trucking and there he stayed until oh about a couple of hours ago. He just got home from driving back from where his company is located about 10-15 minutes ago. When he walked up to the porch I asked him how he felt to be unemployed after a million years of working. He smiled and said he didn't know but he was about to find out. So he came in with a limp due to aches and pains in his joints and went down to his room to start his retired life.

It honestly made me want to smile and say "Job well done Dad. Job well done." That man has been through so much in his life and if anyone deserves a break to just sit back and enjoy life it's my dad. Ever since I was a child the one thing I wanted most was a dad who would come home after work and be home. Sure he did that when I was very young but he was young then too and still wanted to go out and do his own thing so he wasn't home much then either and he went into trucking when I was 7 or 8 and so he hasn't been much in my life except for occasional stops home. But now, years later, my wish has been answered and well now I feel it's ok for me to work on moving along in my life. My mom won't be alone when I do leave and she will have help if she needs it, but of course I'll still be in town or a short drive away so she can still call if she needs me. But today is just weird. I knew my dad wanted to retire next month but I never thought of what it would mean for me or my life and how freeing that would be. Long story to really explain and don't really want to get into on this blog, but yeah, just mostly wanted to say my dad is officially "retired" and it makes me happy he can finally relax and enjoy life.

I'm hoping now both my parents will work on getting in better health so they will be with us longer. My dad went to the doctors yesterday and got a good bill of health. His PSA levels were down, this is related to his prostate cancer from 2003, it was below zero. So happy to hear that. His cancer was so bad if not caught when it was he wouldn't be here today. It was a scary time for my family. We still hadn't dealt with the passing of my brother a couple of years before and here we were faced with the possibility of losing my dad. Thank goodness my mom wanted to check him for diabetes because he was so rung out and they found out he had cancer through that. But back to his visit, his cholesterol is down again, his diabetes is down to borderline, and his blood pressure is good. Now they took some xrays of his chest to see if he might have lung cancer due to him being a smoker, so please send any thoughts, prayers, or healing vibes his way if you could. Since he's home now we are going to work hard on getting everyone in good health now. Better late than never right.

But yeah that's about all I wanted to say really. Just congrats to my dad for taking a right step for him and calling it quits on employment. I hope he enjoys being home with three females. LOL! All close friends, who happen to be male, all send their support and well wishes to him. They know how me and my mom sister is pretty tame but can be a yapper too. So they feel he's a strong man to willingly come home to the chaos that is my family. LOL! Gotta love boys and their bonding together. *rolls eyes* My dad's a good sport so I think he'll handle it. My friend Kenny comes over to help him with the yard work and I think that will help balance out the male bonding in the long as his mom doesn't find out he's been helping with the yard work here. :-D

But other than that the morning has been kind of mellow. I found out a friend of my sister, his brother died. So sad the story behind it, and I send thoughts and prayers his way. :-(

Humm, is there anything else I can put in this post? Yep. So I am working on the first episode of my new photostories. I did Camp Celeb several years ago and never did anything after that even though I had a full story written out. But now I am returning to the story with major changes. So we will see how it goes. If I find Camp Celeb anywhere I will be sure to post it on my website for you all to see. It's very raw and my first work. I hope my stories will have gotten better since then. :-)

Ok kids, I am off now. I need to get dressed to go out and spend some money I know I shouldn't be spending. Bye for now kids. Be good. :-)

Loves ya,


  1. I hope your Dad has a long and enjoyable retirement, you can spend some time with him now too.
    I am sorry you lost a brother it must have been hard he must have been quite young. Here's hoping all good things to come :-) Juliet

  2. PS looking forward to seeing the story stuff :-)

  3. Thank you Juliet for such sweet comments. :-) Having my dad home has been an adjustment, but now it's like he's been here the whole time. Retirement suits him well. It'll be nice my mom won't be alone when my sister and I finally move out. I see my move coming within the next year so it's a big stress taken off of me for sure. And thank you for your comment about my brother. It was hard to lose him, but I am so thankful for all the wonderful memories I have of him to keep him well alive in my mind. :-) And stories are coming soon, promise. :-)


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