Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog question.

Hey guys, so I have a question for you. Before I ask, those of you on LiveJournal who want to see what I am talking about click on over to my Blogger blog The House of Mouse. You see that green bar a little ways up on the screen that has links in it? (i.e.- home, post rss, comments rss) Well, I can make those into working links. I think I have uses for three of the sections, but then I have 6 extra sections. I have an idea what to use them for, but not 100% sure. So I was wonder if you guys could give me ideas of what to put up there? Now keep in mind that I want these links to be for your benefit as well as mine. So what links would you like to see up there? I'll take any suggests, but with one request, the links must be doll or craft related.

Now my idea of what links to put up there are: Personal Links...links of like my DeviantArt and whatnot, Doll Blogs, Craft Blogs, Doll Forums, and Craft Forums. But I still have a lot left over. I might leave one for photostories if I choose to post my stories here instead of on my website. Not sure on that yet. But give me some suggestions, I'm at a loss right now. Thankies in advance.

Loves ya,

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