Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two videos of epic proportions!

Hey guys, so I wanted to make a quick post about two videos.  One I had been meaning to post about and one I just found today.

This first video I learned about on Melly Kay’s blog.  I wanted to repost it for those who may not know of read her blog.  It has a Blythe doll in a music video, and not only is that cool but the song and video are pretty cool too.  Take a look.

This next video I learned about through =3 on Youtube.  This is a cat fight of epicness.  I hope that they eventually quit and went their own ways, but this video is such an awesome capture of their fight.  Take a look.

So yeah, that’s about it all peeps.  I’m off.  I have a busy day tomorrow of catching up on emails, comments, and other such things that got pushed to the side due to Nano, sickness, oh yeah and researching what to make for freaking Thanksgiving.  That mess was hard.  But now it’s all said and done and for Thanksgiving I have decided to make it simple or cook wayyyy in advance.  Talk to you all tomorrow.

Loves ya,

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