Thursday, December 23, 2010

I knew it wouldn’t last long.

Hey guys, I’m back.  Yeah, somehow I knew last night when I posted my last entry something would come up that I would want to post about.  My sister told me this morning about the website Gawker Media being hacked into and millions of logins and passwords being stolen and posted in a file on The Pirate Bay.  Some of the sites affected were Etsy and Twitter.  So if you are on those sites you might want to go ahead and change your passwords on those site.  Now here is a site that will tell you if your account is one of the ones affected.  And if you don’t know you info you can go here to find it.  If anything, it could just be time for a freshening up of your passwords to take away all worries.  Just wanted to pass this info on to you.  I hope none of you were affected.  Check your emails as some of the sites affected have been sending emails out to their users to let them know they might have been affected.  Bye for now…again.

Loves ya,

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