Friday, December 17, 2010

Hoarders: Jim and Susan

So a couple of weeks ago my friend told me about the Hoarders episode with a woman who had a ton of dolls, thanks Sarah, and well I made some funny comment about it and mentally planned to watch it.  Well I forgot about it until now and went to go see if it was on the A&E website.  It wasn’t.  But with some super sleuthing I found it.  I thought maybe some of you would like to watch it.  It’s close to 45 minutes long, but interesting.  Have a look.


So I don’t like watch Hoarders.  I have avoided it since watching the first episode long ago.  Why?  Because I worry I could become one.  I mean I have tons of craft supplies and if I see fabric discounted I want to get it.  This is the main reason why I’ve become a “need to own crafter” now.  This means that I won’t buy anything new unless I desperately need it to complete a project.  At least until I bring down the stash some or completely.  It’s been going ok so far.

But my doll purchases, although they roughly stopped earlier this year and late this year I picked it back up, I plan on it stopping again really soon.  I see a few more purchases in my near future, but then I plan to stop so I can focus on my doll story and when I finish it I will be selling off a lot of the “cast” in favor of newer dolls that have better articulation for a new story all together.  Now that will take some time due to money and the newer bodies costing more than Barbie, so it works out.

But then I have other stuff, and honestly I’ve already been planning a serious downsizing.  Whatever doesn’t sell will either be donated or given away to dolly friends that I know would cherish it and make good use of it.  That is if I can get it past my mom.  Every time I mention I want to sell stuff she mentions wanting to go through it first.  That’s ok, but I just don’t want everything I want to purge to end up with her.  It’s not like she needs all that mess.  And I hate cleaning my room because whatever I purge she wants to look through.  I don’t mind a few things changing hands but not all of it, it’s just not needed.

Am I just being a meanie?  I just want to be rid of the junk and I don’t see how I got rid of it if it’s less than a couple of feet away.  LOL!  But looking around at my belongings there is a lot I see myself purging of next year and getting as fresh start.  So I don’t think I’m a hoarder…per se, because I do want to get rid of the stuff, I just can’t just yet.  LOL!  Hey, before you start thinking, I can see plenty of floor and could have a dance party in my room, a small one but a party nonetheless. I just would like to be rid of stuff so everything will have it’s place. 

I’m so determined to do that that I am planning on taking all the pictures I need for the current story I am writing for my dolls in one month and trying to get it uploaded in another month so I can be done with the props and downsize big time.  I will start another story, but it will be based around one prop so I won’t need all the excess I have.

When I first got into this hobby I wanted everything everyone else had and then some.  Back when I first started it was very much a “Show and Tell” kind of feel in the community and you really only got noticed if you had the newest and best thing out there or if you went out on a shopping spree and had a ton to show off. I know that is still strong now but there are not also peeps who work with what they have, get the cheaper alternative, make their own, or go without and make do.  So the community has taken a turn for the better now and now I regret getting so swept up in needing so much.  But things will soon be changing so I can relax a little over that.  And as long as I don’t give into my Amazon and free shipping with 25 dollars worth of a purchase addiction then I’m fine.  Open-mouthed smile  *twitch, twitch*  Just fine.  Open-mouthed smile

So am I the only guilty one?  I can’t be.  I’ve seen some of you selling your stash out there.  I can’t be the only bad one hoarding.  Come here and cleanse your soul.  Confess to your hoarding sins.  Winking smile  Or not, not is good too.  But maybe I can be proof that you aren’t alone either.

You know my thinking about purging has gotten so bad I am considering taking some dolls I collected out of their boxes and just putting them on display like that.  Giving me a chance to change their clothes if I want and use their clothes if I want on other dolls.  I’m still debating on that.  I maybe have 10-15 dolls in boxes but the boxes take up a lot of room where putting them on shelves out of their boxes wouldn’t.  So I don’t know what to do about that.  I won’t worry about it now. The boyfriend says he will convince me to open them all and just put them on display, but I like the way they are displayed in their boxes.  I guess we will see who wins out in the end.  I think I’d much rather have one or two shelves or a small glass display case with the 15 dolls in there than a bunch of boxes sitting around collecting dust.  Not trying to be morbid, but I can’t take them with me, I don’t plan on selling them, so why not just put them out and enjoy them right?  And once I’m gone I’ll just make a list ahead of time of who of my dolly friends will get what and then they will be your problem.  Open-mouthed smile  I love you guys.  Open-mouthed smile

Ok, well I just wanted to have a moment with you guys about hoarding.  I am off now to work on some bodices, maybe catch up on soap operas, and play some games on Bing.  Haven’t done that in forever.  Talk to you all soon.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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