Friday, December 17, 2010

Liv doll sale on

Hey guys, as the title says, there is a special 2 doll special on  You can pick any two of the Liv: After School Cool dolls and get them both together for 10 dollars.  Now this is not 10 dollars each, this is 10 dollars total for both of them together.  Of course there is shipping if you have sent to your home and tax, but that’s a pretty good deal on these dolls since they are originally 13 dollars each and you are getting two for 10.  I have the Hayden doll, bought from Amazon, but if I had known about the sale I would have bought her and another doll through this sale.  Maybe if it’s still going at the end of the year I will grab two more dolls.  Next year I have a feeling I will be buying a lot more dolls but also selling and donating a lot of dolls as well, so I feel I can end the year on a doll purchase know some of my vinyl peeps will be leaving me next year.  But if you are in the market for some Liv dolls or some body donors check out the sale.  Bye for now peeps.

Loves ya,

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