Saturday, December 4, 2010

I dare you not to cry.

Ok guys, so I was on Facebook today and one of the peopled I am friended to on FB posted this video with the caption asking why it made her cry.  I had to know so I watched it and I am still sniffling.  Quick backstory, it’s this little boy’s birthday and he’s opening his gifts with his family filming it.  This is one of the first good birthdays he’s had in years since he’s mostly been in the hospital.  So his parents decided they were going to give him a great birthday to be remembered.  His reaction to their gift is priceless and if you don’t cry you need to take a hairdryer to that lump of ice in your chest stat.  Ok, enjoy the video.

Touching right?  I hope he has managed to stay out of the hospital and is still enjoying his Xbox 360.  Smile  Ok, I’m off, talk to you all soon.

Loves ya,

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