Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They must ship in a box of gold.

Ok, so I was just surfing the web and came across an auction on Ebay for a Toys R Us exclusive Stella Savannah Blythe doll, who seems to be of limited quantity, that has only an hour and some minutes left to her auction with a starting big quote of $.01.  I was like, why are there no bids with such a cool starting bid and only an hour to go.  Maybe they are waiting until the very end.  Well, I checked out the description and found out perhaps why the auction has no bids.  Check out the shipping.  This can’t be legal.  Maybe it is.  But it shouldn’t be.  And I think it’s very misleading of the seller, but it is up to the buyer to read everything in the description before buying.  But still.  Very naughty.  Oh well, just had to share with you all.  So what are you all up to tonight?

Loves ya,


  1. I wouldn't think it's illegal, unethical, totally. But at least the seller was up front about the insane shipping thing. I wonder if they've had an issue with complaints before. But still, it's a scam to get people to look at it and bid without noting the shipping charges, I wonder if there was a way to e-mail Ebay about it?

  2. I've noticed those auctions, they are pretty irritating, but I just ignore them.

  3. I contact Ebay about it, but the auctions still showed up in other ways. From what I heard, you don't get fees charged on shipping so the seller chooses the lowest bidding price and then ups the shipping high so they don't have to pay the high fees on listing. Totally against the rules, but seems they are getting away with it. :-(


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