Monday, July 5, 2010


Yep, I watched it.  It’s a guilty pleasure, what can I say?  Ok, so one thing bothering me is the fact that the vampires are killed by breaking them like fine china and then burning them.  Umm…yeah that was just kind of stupid to me.  But whatevs.  Now I won’t give too much of a review on this movie since it’s still new.  I will say I heard it is closer to the book than previous movies, have not read it yet so I can’t say for sure.  When I finally do read it I will let you know.

The movie tied up a lot of loose ends and now we are kind of left with “and they lived happily ever after”, but of course there is another movie that will change that.  Watching the movie makes me want to get back to reading so I can find out what happens.  Very excited to find out.  Let me say that while the writing is not all that and some of the things in the books seems kind of hokey, if you take all that away and just look at the plot it is rather interesting.  But this is Stephenie Meyer’s pretend world that she invited us into, so who are we to say it’s wrong.  I know if I ever get published that people will say the same about my pretend world so I try not to be to cruel when talking about other’s. 

But back to the movie, it starts with a “scary” death, then we meet up with the lovebirds.  All is well with them until oh noes Alice sees something.  Then it’s all about saving and protecting Bella. Then uh-oh, love triangle!  Who didn’t see that coming?!?  Then a fight ensues.  Ahhh!  The the day is saved and Bella lives to tempt and tease Edward and Jacob another day.  Oh yeah and Edward and Bella are getting married.  What?  I had to drop some spoiler didn’t I?  :-)

Ok, I need to stop watching movies and go to bed.  I’m thinking when I wake up I will watch Toy Story 3.  I heard it was super sad at the end.  I’m up for a good cry.  :-)  Ok, bye for now kids.  Be good.

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