Monday, July 26, 2010

Halloween Fabrics

Ok, so since the stores are so nicely telling us the end of the year is fast approaching…can you believe that…the fabric stores have been forming a love hate relationship with me.  Why?  Holiday fabrics of course.  And with Halloween coming up soon, I am on the hunt for some Halloween fabric, deals would be better, but I am willing to get some in scale fabric at full price and just get a 1/4th yard instead of full yard.

So I am haunting the Joann site, when did it just become Joann and instead of Joann Fabrics, and I found some nice Halloween themed ones.  Here are my picks for doll sewing.  Click here to be taken to the sale page on the Joann website if you are interested in purchasing  any of the fabric.  Oh and nope, don’t work for the place, just covet their fabric.  :-)

Ok, so I originally had 39 pieces picked out that I liked and I managed to cut those down to just 10 with one extra.  That was not an easy task.  So be sure to go to the sales page to see all the other nice Halloween fabrics they have for sale.   Here are the 10 I picked that I would love to make Blythe dresses with.

So of course we have pumpkins.  What is Halloween without them?

This fabric I really like with the trick-or-treaters and candy.  I think this would make a whimsical dress for Blythe.

Spiders that are cute and fabric that is pretty.  What’s not the love.

This one I really found interesting when I thought of it as a dress.  You’d have to really look at the dress to catch everything, maybe pull back some folds of skirt to get the full picture.  I like the idea of having to look at the dress to take it all in.

Boo…what else can I say?  It fits and it’s cute.

A colorful Boo.  Same reason as above.

Candy!  What is Halloween without some treats with our tricks.  I think this fabric is very pretty with it’s vintage feel.

I am currently loving spotted fabric, especially if the spots are colorful.

Classic dots in a Halloween theme.

Same as above only reversed.  I could see some great mixing and matching with these two.

And something just because.  This is way to off scale for a Blythe dress but I would love this for myself.  Not sure what I’d make with it, but do you see the little witch mouse there?  So cute!!!  I may actually hunt this fabric down and get a yard of it, but only after I figure out what to make with it.  I kind of want to make myself something with it, but I don’t know what.  Very cute.  The dog and cat are cute also but the mouse obviously caught my eyes first.  :-)

I know some of these fabrics seem out of scale for Blythe, but I am thinking with her big head that the scale would kind of balance out and look ok.  And when I think of Blythe I mostly think of her as being cute and young so oversized on cute and young isn’t all that odd really so it still kind of works.  Seeing these fabrics really to make me realize I need to hit the fabric stores and soon to try to get a deal.  Maybe just get a yard of one fabric and use a coupon to get something off of it.  Will have to see.  Found a 50% off coupon for AC Moore.  Might head there and look at their fat quarters.  Maybe they will have something Halloweenish.  I’ll update you if I find anything.  That’s all for now.  I’m off to bed now since it’s 4:44am and I have to get up in a few hours.  Bye for now.

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