Friday, July 23, 2010

*Hops around like a little bunny.*


So I got a sweet gift in the mail today from one of the most wonderful men in the world.  :-)  This wonderful man bought my much coveted Barnes and Noble Nook…an ereader.  He had me crying and smiling at the same time.  Such a sweetheart and I don’t deserve to have such a wonderful person in my life, because he is too sweet.  *happy sigh*

In other news, bought some more fabric today (discounted remnants) and some snaps with 40 percent off the snaps at Hobby Lobby.  Loves discounts.  Oh and then I headed over to Kmart and just wanted to pass on the news that Monster High dolls are there.  Single dolls are 16.99 and the couple is 19.99.  I want to wait for the new dolls coming out…especially Ghoulia.  I just love her and I think she is the only one one I want to own…not that she’s the only one I want.  But I have so many dolls and I want to collect other ones still so I need to cut off somewhere.  I also want the new guy coming out with blue skin and flaming hair.  He looks too cool.  Not a fan of Duce so looking forward to having that guy and I hope he does come out.  Ok, well I am off to play with my Nook and relax a bit.  Went out shopping today in 100 degree heat and humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife so I am tired as heck.  I will catch up on comments and update you on some stuff I’ve been doing behind the scenes tomorrow.  Hope you all have a great evening.  Hugs to all and bye for now.

Loves ya,

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