Thursday, July 1, 2010

I need a people break…

Have you ever had one of those days where you just need a people break?  I think I may be having one of those.  Maybe it’s not a people break, maybe it’s an internet break I need.  I wake up and log on every day and expose myself to not only crazy amounts of radiation I’m sure, but to dumb people.  Seriously dumb people…present company excluded of course.  *sigh* Let me explain.

So I’m usually not a “get into the thick of it” kind of person. I usually let things go or just ignore it, but I couldn’t do it with this J. Cole thing.  I had to say what was on my mind because it really bothered me.  A blog article was written about the video and some issues sounding the video and I commented on there several times to other comments made.  But what I am quickly starting to realize are the only people commenting are the mule-headed idiots of the area.  Racists, bible-thumpers, sexists, and the ones who think they are right at all times and are “Ready to rumble!”…you get the idea.  Well dealing with them, and then supposed comments from said rapper’s mama, it just gets to a point where you realize people are just idiots and I should just go back to what I usually blog.   People have taken a few simple inquiries and changed it into something just nasty.  So tired and over it.  I’ve decided to drop my interest in the J. Cole thing.  It’s said and done and has been seen by many, toothpaste out of the tube kind of deal.  So to anyone who further wants to comment on my past posts or even this one, feel free to.  I may or may not respond and it may or may not stay depending on the comment and my current mood.  Can you tell I’m exhausted from this people? Yeah.  *deep sigh*  I’m thinking I need to take a net break tomorrow…today…I don’t know.  We’ll see if I stop “seeing dumb people”.  Meh.

In “blog related news”, I worked up a dress finally today, and when I finished it was bittersweet.  The front is super cute, even if it makes her look a bit pregnant.  And the back just all out sucks.  Like I said, don’t use muy fino fabric…that’s thin fabric people.  Mine was very thin and had a stretch to it.  Next dress will be cotton, pure 100% cotton.  See how I like that instead.  I know I should have used cotton before, but the fabric I used was too cool not to use. I have pictures taken but I want to upload them to Flickr and then post them here.  I’ll have to see if I can get in the mood to do that.  I’ll get over it all, just kind of want to find a certain person in town and pop them on the head.  Not hard, mind you, just want them to see they are taking things into a whole different and just wrong direction that they keep mouthing off about.  Ahhhh, stupid people!!!  Ok, like I said, done with it.  Make a comment if you want, you may or may not hear back from me on it and if it’s a comment I don’t like it will be deleted.  I tend to believe in freedom of speech, but I don’t have to believe in freedom of idiot speech.  Normal blog post coming up next, I promise.

Loves ya,

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