Monday, July 5, 2010

I love you Phillip Morris!!!


Ok, so a while back I posted about how I wanted to see the movie “I Love You Phillip Morris”.  Well I saw one of the lovely gals I watch on Youtube had seen it this weekend online and I just decided on a whim to watch it while I waited for my tummy to settle.  I am so glad I watched it.  At first I thought it would be weird seeing my Ewan act as a gay man, but in all honestly he did a great job as well as Jim.  The movie mostly revolved around Jim’s character.

The movie is loosely based on the actions of real life conman Steven Jay Russell.  This movie is a laugh riot.  So the summary of the movie is that Steven learns as a child that he’s adopted.  This news led to him wanting to find his birth mother so he became a police officer to search through databases to learn where she is.   Well she’s right in town so he tracks her down but she refuses to talk to him.  So he picks up his family and moves them away to start a new life.  He gets a job at Costco and this is where things get interesting.  We see a scene where it looks like Steven is making love to his wife but it turns out it’s a man.  Yep, he’s gay, and he’s known it since he was a kid picking out male organs in the clouds.  Yeah this will mean something to you by the end of the movie.  All is fine and dandy for him, he has his wife and daughter and then lies to her and goes to be with his boyfriends.  That works out fine until one night on the way home he gets hit by a car.  It’s at this point he decides to live his life the way he wants to.  Out and proud!  And it’s from this point that his life really begins to roller coaster.  This movie is mostly on the high and funny side, but there is one low side that almost brings a tear to your eye but it is saved quickly and have you laughing your butt off again.  Trust me on this.

I won’t say more so I don’t ruin it for you.  Honestly I haven’t told you much.  Watch the movie, it is really funny.  No, this is so not a movie for the kids or anyone who is prudish.  Just keep that in mind before you watch.  Enjoy and tell me how you like it.  :-)

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