Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An update!

Ok, so I am giving up on writing for today and decided to update here real quick before bed.

So I wasn't sure what to talk about first. So I will just talk about what came first. My Barbie Fashionistas. I just recently completely my collection. Very excited about that. I was going to switch the last three blondes I got out with other dolls, but I just can't ruin the set. Ugh! Oh well. Here is some pic spam of my girls plus my Alvin Ailey doll.

All the Girls Together


Fashionista Barbie

Fashionista Barbie

Fashionista Barbie

Fashionista Barbie

Fashionista Barbie

Fashionista Barbie

I love these gals. I can't wait to get them in some photostories and in some clothes to take pictures of them. Of course my camera is getting ready to die and I am out of batteries. Ugh! Oh well, I will get some soon enough. Just being lazy now. But they are just to cool.

So from there I go into the crafts I have been working on.

Crafted Poofs

The knitted poofs, made on my grandmother's vintage knitting machine, are going to be made into something. I've already made one thing and I am not a big fan of it, but it was a prototype. I will take a picture of it soon for you all. Just need to get my sister to model it for me. But hummmm, what could this be for? :-)

Next is a doll craft.

Kitchen Sink

So I have a doll house I have used in doll photostories once or twice but I hated it because it doesn't have a kitchen sink. How weird is that? So I wanted to make one. My mom had a bathroom sink to one of my sisters old Barbie bathrooms and I started thinking on how to make it work. Then I got a box a while back that was perfect Barbie height and island width. So the other day when I was feeling sick, to get my mind off things I went to work on it. Its still a work in progress. This first picture is where I glued the sink into a hole I cut into the box. It needed to be weighed down.

The Kitchen Sink

This next one is it all glued together with the sink painted a metallic grey. Also you can barely see it, but there are pin posts in the cabinet doors. I thought they would work but I didn't like them. But I already glued them in. Damn! But I adjusted them to make them a little more visible. Pictures to come of the final product soon.

And one more picture for you comedy relief.

A Lazy Moment

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in my craft room on the laptop getting into something online. I didn't want to get up and turn the light on when it started to get dark, but I couldn't see the plug under my desk to plug in my laptop. So what did I do? I tried to flash the camera so I can use the flash to guide my hand. Well...the flash was to quick so I had to get up any way. *FAIL* LOL! So yeah, in case any of you wanted to know, the camera flash is to quick to use as a light. Ok that just gave me an idea for a thriller/horror story. Hummm...yep, gonna use it in a story that I am continuing on next month.

Well, I had better stop before I write a novel. Just wanted to update you all on what I have been up to. I am off now to feed my ferret, brush my teeth, and crawl into bed with a book. Tomorrow I need to get back to writing...but what? Hummm...I'll worry about it tomorrow. Bye for now.

Loves ya,


  1. Oh wow. Looking forward to a doll thriller with special lighting ;-D

    Thanks for the Fashionistas photo post.

    Good luck with the doll kitchen.

  2. Thanks! I hope to be sealing it by tonight and have it done by tomorrow. But we all know how our customizing plans tend to turn out. So I won't be shocked if I am still working on it this time next week.

    Glad you enjoyed the Fashionista pictures. I thought my hunt was over, but now I am on the hunt for the Ken. Ahhh!!! Wish me luck. LOL!


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