Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ugh, just when I think I have the whole collection...

Then I find out this guy has been released. And well...of course I want him!


Online shops have him already and are selling him for 20 bucks. A little much for me when the gals are cheaper in the stores. So I will have to sit on my hands and wait until he shows up in the stores too, but damnit!!! And I wish that there were going to be variations on him. I mean we are starting to see variations in the dolls that Mattel produces, but for a good while now we have been stuck with Caucasian Ken, nothing wrong with that mind you, but I'd like some variations. I'd like to see Ken have some friends from other backgrounds so they can be their own doll and not a tinted Ken. They haven't done that in a good while. And I don't recall ever seeing an Asian or Hispanic guy in the Ken/Barbie mix...Disney dolls do not count.

So, is anyone else excited about this guy? Or am I just a doll geek all on my own? LOL! If so, it's ok. I don't mine being a geek all alone. :-) If you are curious about where this doll is being sold let me know and I will provide you a link. I'm so tempted to buy him, but I'm sure he will hit shelves soon. Anyone got any info on when that will be? I can't seem to find any. Ok, talk to you all later. I'm off to eat and then exercise. Ugh...20 miles. Why can't I just sew clothes or craft or write instead? Oh yeah...I'm trying to lose weight and get healthy. Oh well. Bye for now. :-)

Loves ya,


  1. I like the Ken but couldn't Mattel have done something different. New hair style, dramatic face paint, just something differnt! Unless the chest is done in two parts(they did that for Shaun & Flava)the body isn't something new. He is just ken on a My Scene body. I like the hat. That I could use! I wish they would re-issue My Scene males with smaller heads! Yeah!

  2. I love the hat, too! And that he looks articulated. Yay!

    Downside, his face looks just like the Beach Fun Ken. Except where his hair part is. Sigh.

    I want to know when this guy reaches Philadelphia [PA]. I hope that Mattel makes other males with different faces and from other ethnic groups.

    The only Ken I can think of with any Asian ties is the 1 Modern Circle Ken - his grandmother was Japanese, something like that. There was a Spanish Talking Ken in 1968 (same as the White Ken) and later a Hawaiian Ken in 1978. Those are the only ethnic Kens I know of that aren't AA. Except Arabian Knights Ken and Tango Ken - how could I forget them?!

  3. Oh, wow, I haven't seen him! Clearly, I have not been spending enough time on the internet, lol! I vote for more variation in Ken too!(Not that we get a vote, we're only the people keeping Mattel in business...) I like this guy, but I wish his wrists moved like the Fashionistas. Doesn't look like they do, unless I'm missing it. Hope they pop up around here soon, so I can get a closer look! Make sure you post pictures if you get one!

  4. I-Luv-Dolls, I am hoping that the torso is done in a two piece too. I love the Flava guys and wish they would have kept them around. It does kind of look like a My Scene torso on this guy. I hope not. Fingers crossed.

    D7ana, I agree with you and I-Luv-Dolls, I love the hat. Honestly it was one of the first things I loved about him. LOL! I can't wait to see him up close. As for the Ken's they still kind of look like a regular Ken with a slight tan. I would love to see more ethnic features, you know what I mean?

    Smidge Girl, I wish we did have a vote with Mattel. I was sad to see about the wrists not bending like Fashionistas. When I get one I will be sure to post pictures. I wonder when he will show up in stores. Humm...


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