Monday, November 23, 2009

In a thinking mood...and a little doll news.

Hey guys. So this isn't doll, craft, fashion, or anything fun related. But its on my mind so I wanted to post about it.

So I don't know how many of you keep up with the news, but an event that happened here in my town became national news and well its just rubbing me the wrong way. Ok so the quick of it is that this 5 year old girl named Shaynia Davis supposedly left her mom's trailer in the middle of the night...locking the door behind her. The mom wakes up the next morning "hysterical" and calls 911. The first few seconds she was all "My baby is missing!!!" and then she calmed it down the tone of ordering a pizza. So her and this guy who was last seen with Shaynia on a hotel security camera were arrested. It seems mom sold her daughter into prostitution to pay for drugs. Anyway, poor Shaynia was raped and then chocked to death. Just writing that makes me want to cry. :-( Anyway, so the guy is being charged with rape and murder and a load of other stuff, and I hope he gets the death penalty.

Now what's rubbing me the wrong way is the father. Nancy Grace has this man pictured as the perfect father who was doing the "right" thing in letting his daughter try to form a bond with her mother. Now the mother was living with several family members in a one bedroom trailer, which is small, and it was filthy. She was getting evicted because it was so filthy. Any good parent would not leave their child in that. But still they peg this man as a saint. When he's on tv, he does this dry-eyed crying and he stresses to point of being creepy about how his daughter is angel now and he prays God won't give up on him or his baby who is right there with him.

Ok so this guy is white and has 10 children all over the United States and I believe all of them are biracial. None of his kids are living with him. It seems all of them are being raised by other men. So how is it people don't see this as weird and are just pegging him the perfect dad? Seriously? I do not think that man is as innocent as people say his is. Shaynia's mom is not smart. You can see it in her face on tv. She doesn't have the gutter mind to come up with this whole thing of selling her daughter. Someone was behind it and honestly I am wondering if it was the father. I mean he has 10 different kids with 10 different women. What is up with that? I'm sure the police are still investigating, but I'm so sick of everyone pegging him as this perfect father who lost his daughter tragically. If he'd been any kind of parent that little girl would still be here. It kills me that she's gone and in a way that should have never happened.

Ok, I just needed to get that off my chest. Now as I promised, some doll news. I just learned that the Toys R Us website has the Fashionista Ken for sale for $11.99 with free shipping if you spend $49. Now I don't have the need to spend that much and I honestly don't want to pay the 5 dollar shipping so I will wait and see if he shows up in the stores or on for a good price. But thought I'd pass that on for those who are in the market to do some serious toy or doll shopping.

Ok, I am off to work on my NaNo stuff again. I plan to be done by tomorrow. I won't be adding on to my word count after I validate only because I need a break from writing novels and to get back to crafting and fun things. I'll also be back to working on the doll forum too. I have not given up on that I promise! For those who want to sign up and get their name there while I finish up my NaNo stuff you can go to The Toy Box and sign up. ALso if you have any doll friends let them know about the forum. It'd be great if anyone wanted to post about the forum on their blog to help me get the word out. The first 50 people get instant access to Marketplace. After that you'll have to follow some rules to get access. So be sure to mention that and I will be working on the forum over Thanksgiving and will remind you about it again a few days. Its for all kinds of dolls. So bring them all and let's have fun. :-)

Ok guys. I am back to writing before I lay down for an hour or so. I barely slept last night...well this morning. :-) Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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