Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I’ve Just Completed My 33rd Trip Around The Sun

Hey all, long time no post.  I have been around, just been busy with life.  So if you can’t tell today is my birthday.  The big and yet odd 33.  If you know me well, I have a thing with 33 after the hour.  It seems it’s always 33 after the hour when I look at the clock now, thanks to my friend Sarah, who is having a jewelry sale in her shop Eleven33 Designs that you should defiantly check out.  Winking smile  But yeah, 33 has been my number for a couple of years and then I noticed whenever I looked up it was 3:33 either a.m. or p.m., very weird.  So I kind of feel positive about this year being a good one for me.  I feel my plans will start coming to.  So excited.  And it all starts today.  Smile

So just some quick things about my plans.  Of course I want to lose weight, which I am restarting my lifestyle change tomorrow thanks to a friend’s suggestions on what I should do.  He’s going to hold me accountable for my diet and exercise.  So that will hopefully help.  Other things are my writing and *sigh* yes my shop.  I haven’t been able to get into my craft room to sort it all out, but I am feeling positive that I will be getting things sorted out this week and weekend so I can start putting stuff in it no later than Monday.  I plan to put one item in the shop today if I can find pictures for some of my items.  But I won’t be promoting much until next week.  As for writing, working on the second month of Camp Nanowrimo so I can finish my novel.  I want to try to finish it by the 15th because Write On Con starts on the 15th and it’s a full couple of days of chats and workshops.  If you are interested in the writing convention, it’s completely online and free to attend.  You just have to sign up.  So those are my plans so far.  Getting my writing done, getting my shop up, and getting in better health.  Oh speaking of my health… Smile

I got a letter in the mail today.  I didn’t mention this before, but I had to get a CT scan and I got it last Thursday.  My results came in today.  Besides a slightly deviated septum (towards the left if anyone is interested) my brain and sinuses are perfectly fine.  It' was so cute, on my results there was a smiley face with the word “normal” written next to it.  Smile  I was so happy to know my brain was ok.  With some really bad headaches due to wisdom teeth, some weird illness I got a couple of years back that made me feel like my brain was bursting out of my skull, and then the headaches now I just felt so worried something was wrong.  But I’m fine!!!  *does a happy dance*  Thank everything I am fine!

So that leaves me happy today.  I was going to have a friend come over, but he just texted me and told me worked called him in. No worries, I kind of wanted to hunker down and play video games tonight.  I barely do and I figured I’d “treat” myself today.  I was going to finally see the last Harry Potter with my sister today but only the evening shows are left now so we will try for tomorrow afternoon.  So I guess I’ll go blow out the candles on my gluten-free cupcakes, that are so super yummy might I add, and then have my steak dinner later on tonight.  I’m not one for steak but I asked for it about a month ago for today and so I am getting it, yum.  Smile 

Oh also, I still have my “time capsule” I reclosed last year, thanks again to John’s awesome idea of making one.  I will be opening mine later on tonight and seeing what the me of last year had to say.  I’ll update it and reclose it until next year, I’m already excited for the me of next year to open it.  Smile

Speaking of opening, I have to wait a while to open my birthday presents because Junky Spot doesn’t have the eyes I want any more and I emailed about them and was told more have been ordered but they don’t think they have shipped yet.  I can wait.  I mean I think one’s birthday should be celebrated all month long, so what’s a couple of weeks.  Heck even if I don’t get it until the last day of the month I’ll still be happy.  Smile

And well, that’s about it ladies and gents.  I’m feeling good.  I’m feeling happy.  And I’m looking forward to the next 365 days.  Happy Birthday and Happy New Year to me!  SmileBirthday cakeParty smile 

And I’m off to start my next trip around the sun folks.  I will post again soon.  I have to introduce you guys and gals to Eli.  Who’s Eli?  Oh you’ll find out soon enough.  Winking smile  Until then be good kids and I will talk to you all soon.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,


  1. Happy birthday! glad to hear your test results came back normal, makes for a good present.


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