Sunday, August 21, 2011

Edible Art

Hey guys! A quick, short post today.  I just came across something and thought you might be interested in it too.  So while surfing around the interwebs today I came across an article about edible art.


Food artist Meaghan Mountford used edible pens and and writing tools to recreate popular art on, get this, marshmallows.  Pretty neat, huh?  Meaghan makes an art out of making edible art. On her blog, The Decorate Cookie, she actually has a tutorial on how you can make your own edible art masterpieces, she clears up the confusion people have been having about edible pens, and she showcases more of her work.  The rest of her blog showcases other edible art, as well as just artistic ways she creates unique things with sweets.  I am currently looking through her site at all her artistic awesomeness and came across one I think may have to be my favorite, although I love all her work.  So what was my fave?


Harry Potter and the Painted Marshmallows of course!  LOL!  I love how she truly captured the essence of Harry Potter on just 9 marshmallows.  Amazing. Smile

I’m a big fan of foodie blogs because I love to see how they are made and the presentation of them.  But I am a bigger fan of sweetie blogs and how they are made and their presentation, especially cakes.  So I find this, even though it’s a super simple thought, very amazing.  I won’t say it’s super simple to do because I sure as heck can’t draw and look how crisp her lines are and she was drawing on a moving soft blobby mess.  I have hard enough time drawing on stretchy fabric with a marking pen or chalk, so I can image that drawing on marshmallows isn’t much different.  But if you are a fan of foods and food presentation like me you might want to give her blog a looksie,it’s pretty interesting.

And that’s about it for today.  I will talk to you lovely people later. I hope you all have an awesome week.  Be good until next we meet.  Smile Bye for now.

Loves ya Red heart,

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