Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clear Nail Polish and Other Bitty Bitsu Tips

Ok, so this post is mostly for my own reasons.  I want a place to collect the tips and tricks I’ve learned about dolls and thought I’d just post them here on my blog.  And you may benefit from it also, so it’s win-win.

So the first thing I learned recently is that if your Obitsu doll joints keep coming loose you can try the nail polish trick.  I learned this from the Bitty Bitsus Flickr group.  So richila9098 posted first about the clear nail polish trick.  They said: “Clear nail polish trick-tiny dab of nail polish on post, let dry=tighter fit.”  But richila9098 had an issue with their doll’s arm still falling out of the socket even with the nail polish trick.  BlizzAz responded with this helpful tip: “If at first the clear polish doesn't work, clean it off, take some very fine sand paper and go over the post VERY lightly to give it a little more tooth. then apply 1 coat of good quality clear fingernail polish and let it dry thoroughly, apply a second and let THAT dry thoroughly as well. It should work better that way.”

Bitty Bitsus can wear some Kelly shoes. You have to get the smooshie Kelly shoes and not the firm ones.  I think also Kelly sandals are a fairly good fit.  Some older Kelly clothes fit, but some leave a gap in the back of some outfits.  The newer Kelly dolls that are taller and I think also the S0S sister and friend dolls clothes fit too.  There is a doll called Rainbow Angel that is sold at Dollar General that the clothes and the shoes fit the Bitty Bitsus.  So if you have access to them, I believe I read they are a dollar per outfit.  Can’t wait to go to a Dollar General now.  Now from the outfit I saw it looks like the clothes are kind of “Bratz themed”, meaning mid-drift showing tops and short skirts, but I only saw one outfit and a Google search didn’t turn up much.  So I will update on that if I get some sets, which I probably will.  I’ll have clothes before I have the dolls.  I still haven’t ordered yet, waiting on the eyes still.  Hurry up Hujoo!!!

Oh, speaking of Hujoo, just to have this info down, you can safely go a size up or a size down when it comes to eyes.  On person tried 6mm eyes and they looked fine with some working.  I don’t see myself going lower than 8mm personally.  And I want the one 10mm eyes and then I want to purchase a pair of 8mm cat eyes later on from another shop.

And that’s about all the information I have right now for Bitty Bitsus.  I have some other stuff, but it’s mostly patterns I want to try and I know where to find those so I don’t need to write it out.  And that’s it for this post.  Talk to you all soon.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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