Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.9 Earthquake Hits East Coast


So for those of you who don’t know, I live in a military town.  And when you live in a military town you get used to certain things.  Hearing hours long machine gun practice in the middle of the night. Feeling loud booms that shake and shatter windows. And just a shaking of your house that you are just used to.  So when I was woke up by my the glass clinking on my shelf at first I thought it was Fort Bragg.  Except one problem.  Like lightening is always followed by thunder,  a shake is always preceded by a boom of some sort.  Yeah, well we had all the shake, but none of the boom.  And the shaking kept going.  Even when they built the houses across the street the house didn’t shake, so I knew it wasn’t the construction going on over there today.  Then it hit me, EARTHQUAKE!!!

Now the little shaking we had didn’t worry me much, it was more annoying than anything, but I didn’t know if it was going to get worse, and our houses out here on the east coast are not built to withstand a big earthquake.  So I was glad when it stopped.  I texted my sister asking if the earth moved for her, kind of joking, because although I’d ruled out the construction across the street, not knowing what was going on and wanting an explanation for it, I just decided it was.  It wasn’t until my mom said she felt the car moving and thought it was her imagination that we realized it was an earthquake. Then come to find out on the news Virginia got hit with a 5.9 one.  So I hit Twitter to see others were in shock, woken up by it, and in disbelief we just had an earthquake.

People on the west coast are rolling their eyes and making jokes that they set their phones to vibrate at a 5.9.  And while I know they are used to those sort of thing, we poor peeps out here are not.  That’s ok west coast, pick on us poor east coast peeps.  Bet you couldn’t make it through one of our high category hurricanes.  So Smile with tongue out.  LOL!

But on a serious not, a 5.9 is nothing to laugh at really.  People have been hurt in past 5.9 earthquakes, so I really hope everyone is ok.  I have a friend in Virgina and I hope her and her family are ok.  I sent her a message, but don’t know when she will get back to me.  So if you were in the middle of the storm with the earthquake I hope all is well and I hope there wasn’t much damage done.  Especially not with the hurricane coming this weekend.  We have no idea where that puppy is headed and I’d hate to think there would be more damage on top of earthquake damage.  So here’s hoping everyone just got a good shake and are now back to their lives, already in progress.

So yeah, just went through my first and hopefully last earthquake.  Like I said it was more annoying than anything.  And now that I’m awake, only got 4 hours of sleep *sigh*, I’m off to hunt down some food and I guess work on cleaning up my room some more so I can get back to crafting without the stress of a mess around me.  So I hope you are all well and I will talk to you again soon. Be good until then.  Smile  Bye for now.

ETA: So it seems the Pentagon has water in it from structural damage, and a power plant close the heart of the earthquake lost power, a safety measure for when the place overheats, so it seems we didn’t get out of it with just a shake. I’m sure we will hear about more damage to come. I’m really worried about the power plant. I’ll keep you updated on anything new I learn.

Loves ya Red heart,

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  1. This is very unusual. It is scary. I can imagine what you guys must have felt. Earthquakes still scare me, no matter what intensity. I live in Los Angeles and I'm definitely not laughing. Stay safe.


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