Friday, August 12, 2011

Lego And Sad Face

So while hunting the web, Tumblr to be exact, I found and interesting couple of pictures of building patched up with none other than Lego.  It amused me and freaked me out all at the same time.

Pretty cool huh?  Now the reason it freaked me out is because I have a weird issue with things that are put in other things that it doesn’t belong in.  What?  It’s freaky.  Especially the ones that look like little homes.  Ughhh.  It’s just freaky to me.  I’m weird.  Ok let me give you another example.


Embroidered bread!!!  Don’t you dare say this is cool.  Click on the source link to see more like it.  This was the first thing that really gave me the chills on things that don’t belong together.  It’s just ugh, and I can’t explain it.  Weird, I know.  But then again I’m weird, and proud of it.  Smile

And now to the Sad smile.  So I went looking through tweets from one of my favorite authors to see if she posted anything from when she went to see Harry Potter, she didn’t, and I saw a few posts above the date I was looking for she talked about how her legs looked like they had pins in them like a doll and she considered herself a human doll.  Then in the post directly after she posted how she thought doll people were creepy.  Sad face.  Sad smile  Jackson Pearce, how can I ever look at you and your work the same way ever again?!?  Crying face  I know, I know, she just hasn’t caught on to the awesomeness of dolls yet, but it still makes me sad face and sigh.  Sad smile *sigh*  LOL!  Ok, not really, but when I saw that tweet I was taken back for a second.  What’s with the doll people hate Jackson?  Seriously.  Oh well, I guess we can’t all be rocking.  Smile  I’m still a fan Jackson!  Smile

Ok, so this post was basically to show you about the Lego houses.  I thought they were cool.  There was no source for the pictures but I’m sure I could find them.  Oh let me try real quick.  Ok couldn’t find the direct source because, get this, fixing buildings with Legos is a big thing.  Check out my search page. It reminds me of yarn bombing.  That’s pretty cool.  Creativity all around.  Ok so I need to take off now people.  My laptop is about to die and my plug is no where near me. Talk to you lovelies later.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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