Saturday, May 22, 2010

*Taps* Is thing on???

Hey peeps and peepettes. I know it seems like forever since I posted here. My only excuse is I have been dealing with a nasty batch of the blues that I have not been able to pull out of. So I just sit on the computer collecting links to blogs and sites I want to revisit instead of organizing the ones I have and just overall becoming more evolved in online communities and in things I want to be doing right now. But I am slowly pulling my rear out of the hole I dug for myself and have called home for the past month or so. If I owe you a response to a comment, it's coming I promise. Sorry to the suckage at responding. The blues were strong with me this time.

Here lately I've been focusing on organization to make everything I want to do easier to do and easier to post about. I tried making several blogs but it just doesn't work for me. I like to have it all central on this blog, so I will be closing those other blogs and posting everything here again. I will be posting a bit of everything here, but I am sure it will all entertained. I was trying to keep this blog doll related, but it honestly does not work for me. I like to promote just one blog and when I finally get my shop open I just want one blog to link back to. So I will be closing my crafting and writing blog and bringing both on over here. I will be keeping writing posts to Wednesday and crafts will be worked in when I feel like it along with other random stuff, or I may make random stuff for weekends. Not sure, but in order for me not to get flustered it will be here somewhere. Humm, what else?

Been working on writing and crafting in my absence. Writing was going ok. I was working on revising my novel from 2008 and then it hit me that since it has been so long the story has changed for me and it's not Andrea's story. I've been reading my guilty pleasure lately...the Twilight series, don't judge me, and well it has me made me see the appeal of first person novels. I have also started reading "Along For The Ride" and it's also written in first person and it also backs up the first person appeal. Seems teens like to read in first person because it makes them relate to the character better or puts them in their place. So I will be trying it out and let you know how it goes. I might post excerpts of both versions here and ask you all to vote on it for me.

Along with writing I've also been reading a lot more. I try to squeeze in reading every day. I was reading a bike while I did 15-20 miles on my exercise bike...but I have not done that in a few days. Gotta get back to that. I need to find out who done it. I'm currently reading a Hannah Swensen Mystery. I was collecting these books and not reading them. I just thought the concept of a bakery and recipes mixed in was interesting. Then I cracked one open the other day and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. In all honesty there are some parts of it made me roll my eyes. Just a little overly dramatic but still pretty good. As for how I feel about Twilight, I will leave my final say to when I finish all 4 novels which should be in the next month or so since I just read a little a night before bed.

As for crafting, I have been working on some cross stitching again as well as trying to work on a gnome hat for Blythe dolls. So far I have three prototypes that have been worked out and I am not 100% happy with either of them so I am working on a 4th one. Once I get one the way I like it they will be for sale in my shop just in time for...summer. Humm, well I'm sure someone will want knitted gnome hats in the summer. Not all places are humid like NC. :-) I will be making a post about the hats and the cross stitching I've been doing as well. I still need to make a pdf file for the cross stitch pattern for my website. Oh speaking of my website I had a squee and happy moment a few minutes ago. :-)

Ok, so years...and I literally mean YEARS ago, I held a small summer camp for dolls and then posted about it on my website at the time. Well my site has changed a lot since then and so I have a new one but I had since lost my old site. I thought I had seen it somewhere so I went looking for it on old computer and floppy disks...yep floppies. Well I didn't find them there and I was just so sad about that and that did not help the blues. I wanted to put up my old stuff so readers of my stories can see where it all started from and hopefully to eventually see how my picture skills have improved. Well today while looking for my computer glasses, tinted glasses that help soothe the eye strain, I found my old cd roms that I put files on. I check one that said Michelle's Files and omg!!! My complete old website was there!!! I was freaking out. LOL! I felt all sentimental and happy at the same time. So I will be posting my old stories on my new website. I am wondering if I should post the old website as it is just for giggles. But it is pretty ancient. It also was one of my first image doctoring experiences with that sight. The Hollywood sign on it was doctored to say Dollywood. Very proud of it if I do say so myself. *polishes nails shirt* So expect to see my first meager toe-dipping into the world of photostories. Finding this persuades me to finally get off my ass and work on my next round of photostories. So yeah I have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks and I hope you will join me on hopefully an very interesting journey. :-) Ok, now that I've written a novel, getting good at that thankfully, I will close for now and update you more later on. Right now I'm off to write, work on website, and then return to Forks for 30 minutes or so. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)

Loves ya,


  1. Yaaaaay! Chelle's back! I'm so happy :) Well, it probably goes without saying that I totally get what you've been going through with the confusing, annoying unmotivated blues. (Although you actually seemed fairly motivated during yours!) I'm really glad you're back and posting again, and it seems like you're on your way to accomplishing so many things. I'm so glad you shared all this.

    I wouldn't worry about trying to organize your blog for other people's benefit. I know for me, I don't come here to read about dolls, or any topic, necessarily. I come because I'm always interested in what you have to say, your perspective on things, and your funny, frindly writing style. If you suddenly turned this into a fishing blog, I'd still be here every day, lol. It's your blog, after all-- you make the rules!

    And speaking of writing, It's so brave of you to go back and start working on your novel again. Opening that file, once I haven't looked at it in a while, is always so scary to me. I was a massive reader of YA books,(when I was a YA, lol) and if I find one lying around, I'll still pick it up and read it. I guess that's my guilty pleasure! :) I'm just drawn to that portion of life, I guess. I like 1st person too, it just feels more personal, you know? Like you're being let in on a secret, like the narrator is your friend. 1P would probably flow pretty easily for you, seeing as how you've had all this blogging as practice! It would be awesome to read some of your stuff, if you decide to post it here!

    And you're working on Etsy stuff, too? There are a zillion people who shop for their Blythe's over there, they'll be so happy to have you! I can't wait to see what you've been working on!

    I'm so excited for you that you found your old website! I know I'd really looooove to see it, if you decide to post it for fun. I'm always so bummed I missed that doll era. I wish I'd been around back then. I always feel like a kid who transferred schools and missed out on freshman year, lol.

    Well, I am soooo looking forward to your photostories, and everything else you have coming up. And now that I've written a comment about as long as your post, I'll be shutting up, lol. I'm so glad you're back!

  2. Oh Smidge you should so read YA novels again. They are getting more and more awesome as the times change. I think you are right about the 1st person being easier. I kind of feel it's very static writing though. Not liking that, but I will post an excerpt to get opinions on it soon. Just trying to get back into the spin of things here. I hate taking these crazy breaks from blogging. I need to stop doing what I love to do so much. As for Etsy, I think I will hold off on going there until I start to make some money off my doll items. Then I will try posting there. The posting fees and sale fees have me worried I would make less than invest into it. Perhaps around Halloween I will post a few items over there and see how they are accepted. :-) Thanks for the comment!


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