Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting It Together

Hi guys, so today has been one of those offish days.  I don’t know how many of you have read about or remember me talking about “A” in my blog before.  He’s someone very special to me and he’s been very sick for the past few weeks.  He was finally admitted to the hospital on Sunday and they thankfully found out what was wrong with him, but he’s had to stay in the the hospital for a procedure and observation.  All looks well and he should be released tomorrow, but it was a very upsetting time for me.  We thought he was getting better but he suddenly got worse again.  Come to find out he had a nasty bacteria in him.  He could have gotten it either from work, he’s a CT Tech, or at home.  I seriously doubt it was from home.  So yeah, that had upset me alone with my blues.  So no good for my tummy.  But then on tope of that we found out some upsetting news about my dad.  Seems there is something up with his heart and they want to cauterize his heart.  “A” tells me a minor procedure and it’s best to get it done and he will be ok but if it’s put off bad things could happen.  So now I have an upset mom, who’s blood pressure is not under control so she doesn’t need this, and now and upset dad who refuses to show it but I know he’s worried.  So yeah, this has been working on my nerves and my stomach like crazy.  So I spent a lot of time in bed today to just avoid it along with something else.

Seems my family has a history of unexplained stomach pain.  My great grandfather on my German grandmother’s side had stomach problems, my German grandmother had stomach problems, my mom has stomach problems, and now I have stomach problems.  I mention the German part to show that it’s basically from the German side of the family.  My mom takes a lot after my grandmother and I take a lot after both of them.  So I am guessing this all comes from that side of the family.  But we don’t know much about that side of the family so it’s a little frustrating.  My grandmother was always in the hospital getting her stomach looked at and they never found out what was wrong with her.  I hope medicine has come forward some since then and perhaps they can figure out what’s wrong with my tummy when I get a chance to go.  I’m still hoping it’s just the need to lose some serious weight and nothing that will stick with me the rest of my life.  It’s hard to function when my stomach hurts like this.

But other than that I’ve not done anything at all.  I’ve been just about as lazy can get and I hate that.  I had plans to exercise but that never happened due to me wasting time online looking at stuff that really doesn’t interest me but my mindset was “It’s better than facing what I should be doing.”, yeah still in a funk, but going to try to pull out of it.  Tonight I plan on working more on my novel and perhaps finishing my 4th gnome hat prototype.  That’s about all I can commit myself to tonight.  I need to get some sleep, even though I did take that nap, but I will be getting a call from “A” when he gets out of the hospital…if he remembers to call.  *sigh*  Boys.

Sorry this post isn’t more doll or crafty or even writing related but it will be in the coming days.  Tomorrow is Writing Wednesday so there should be something to talk about then.  I may post some pictures I took today while on a ride if I think they are interesting enough to blog about.  If anything, they will be going up in my Flickr this week.  Ok, now I’m just babbling.  More later.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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