Monday, December 3, 2012

Novi Stars - MGA Sucks Me Back In

Ok, so the articles I am going to be writing are about Novi Stars, and I of course found their music video for the doll line, and I honestly love this video. MGA why couldn't you do this with the Bratzilla video?!?!?  Watch the video below.

Awesomely cute, right? Oh don't get me wrong, the Bratzilla one was amazing too, minus my little hang-ups, but this just was so cool and I feel this is more of a positive message for kids. This makes me think of the Monster High video because it is more reflective of society to me. Take a look at the Monster High video to see what I mean.

Ok, just had to come share this fun video. Off again. Bye for now.

Needs to get off of Youtube,


  1. Hello from Spain: you're right. This video is very funny .. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta, so glad to hear you agree. The song is still stuck in my head to this day. LOLLL! Thanks for stopping by! :-)


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