Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meygana Update

So I was just playing around with Meygana and I just wanted to see what kind of pose she can hold, and I found her upper body can be posed better than my beloved Liv dolls. Makes it kind of an extra bummer that the legs don't hold her up. And take a look at the hair, I brushed it out. Would you believe this is an improvement over how the hair used to be? Word of advice, don't use the cheap brush that comes with the doll. Won't work. Use a Liv doll brush instead, lolll!

So I tinkered some more with Meygana, and I tried to see if I could make her eyes straight. I couldn't, so I decided to pop her eyes out. The eyes are made to be side-glancing eyes, literally. They have pegs in the back of them that fit into holes in the back of the eye-well. I wondered if it would look good in a doll, so I popped an eye inside my sister's ResinSoul Bei doll and I liked how it looked. The one on the left is Meygana's eye and the one on the right is a Glib acrylic eye. I would buy more dolls for the fun eyes alone.

Then I was curious if another head would look good on the Bratzilla body. I thought maybe I could just have it in the background of a shop in my current story. Barbie heads do not fit nor look right. But oddly enough, Liv heads don't look that bad.

I still won't be using the body, but it was interesting to see how a different head looks. The head bobbles some and would need a slight build-up of the neck post, and of course the coloring is off, but other than that it works nicely. Maybe if I am really desperate for a character I will slap a Sophie head on her...maybe. Oh and for those who are Liv fans, no those are not her eyes. One night I went crazy and just swapped eyes out of several dolls to see what look I could get. I like this look. I notice I need to adjust the eye just a hair more on this one.

I just wanted to share my further findings about Bratzilla dolls. Still disappointed, but oh well. Live and learn. Like I said, I might get a few more for the clothes, eyes, and shoes, but not for the dolls. Maybe I will sell the bodies...with the eyeless heads. :-D  Awww come on! It'd be funny! I mean, couldn't you image opening a box and finding this?

Visual you could have done without today? You're welcome. :-) Bye for now!

Feels only slightly guilty,

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