Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bratzilla – Not Destined For A Long Run

Ok, so this line is not targeted towards me, but as a doll collector I have to say, I really dislike this line. So I swallowed my pride and bought a Meygana because I found the dolls for a decent price. I waited a few days super excited to be getting her and partly bummed I couldn't buy them all. After getting her and opening her, I am super bummed I got her and super excited I didn't buy them all. This doll is horrible, for my purposes. I wanted to use them in my new web-comic, and thought that since they had jointed bodies that they would have a nice body to do so. They also have “glass” eyes and that is a requirement to be in the story since it's based around Liv dolls and I want everyone to have that look in the story.

Well once I got her out of the box the first thing I did was try to stand her up. Her upper legs are hard but her lower legs are gummy, so she can't stand up. I was thinking they were completely firm like Liv dolls or Barbies, but they aren't. They are super gummy so she can't hold her weight up. Also all the joints are just crap. The hand and elbows need force to move them and the knees barely need force but they look super fragile. The feet are so odd that you can really only buy shoes from that line. I've only tried Liv doll shoes on her and they don't work. I'll try my Monster High doll shoes later when I find them. The bodies are very much like Monster High in where they are jointed and how the foot kind of looks, so they may fit. I'll update later on that.

The clothes are kind of decent, although mine have a ton of loose seams and the badge on this one goes right through the fabric with a plastic post so if you remove it the top is ruin. The hair is utter CRAP! It's like if you pulled out a doll from your childhood that has been seriously loved. It's that nasty cotton candy hair and it's already a nasty mess. Her face paint is smudged, and it looks like she was doing a ton of kissing and couldn't get the lipstick die off of her face so she said “Screw it!”, reapplied, and kept on keeping on.

Her eyes are beautiful. On my computer they looked like a medium blue but they are actually a light blue with glitter in it. I'd like to see what they look like, and if they are nice out of the head I have plans for them, I'll explain in a minute. Also, her pet does not come with her even though she is pictured with it. The pet has to be bought separately for practically 10 dollars! From pictures it looks like her pet can be wound up and the wings flap. Each pet has light-up and movement features, but so not worth it at 10 bucks each. Damn MGA, you have just really blown this line. So, my final say on the doll line is, I really dislike it. And from comments you see on videos based on the dolls, I'm not the only one. A lot of people feel this line is a Monster High rip-off. I didn't see it as that since they were witches...who go to the “Fashion Magic Academy”...seriously. Also, had to note this even though it's not shocking, she looks nothing like her sketched picture. In the sketch she looks kind of pale gray with gray-greenish looking hair and green eyes. I kind of like the sketched version better than this one and I LOVE red-headed dolls. But maybe it's a good thing she didn't come that way because I would have been disappointed in the end either way. Do I plan on getting more? It depends on some things. Keep reading.

So part of me was thinking, I wish I could return her, but I don't tend to return things just because I didn't like the way they look. And well I did just recently get a doll for 16 dollars for her outfit and wig since the body is crap for what I want us her for. So I looked at the doll and realized I can use everything on her really. Her outfit I can use on another doll, her shoes fit Liv dolls and might even fit Monster High dolls, her accessories can be used in some way, and I might even be able to use her eyes. So for the price I spent I got a pretty good deal for different dolls that are kind of hard to shop for. So it's not a total waste. Will I buy more of them? I'm going to look and see if I can use the eyes and if I can then I will buy maybe one or two more that I have my eye on and use their stuff and that's it. I won't be buying any of the pets, I won't be buying any fashions unless they really stand out to me, but I keep telling myself I could probably sew them if I really like them. So I don't see myself getting any more after the ones I have been considering.

I am really disappointed again in MGA when it comes to this line. It's poor quality, and like I said, this is compared to my need for them. Oh, and fyi MGA, your dolls are not that precious that they need to be hot glued into the box. Some of those tabs were hard to get to due to the hot glue, ahhhh! So back to the line, for little girls who will be holding them while playing with them they are perfect. For collectors who will use the super cheap and flimsy stand, this is perfect for them. But for me who needs them to be able to be posed on their own and not with their stands, yeah, not so much. So that's my take on these dolls. Kind of bummed, but glad that I can use the stuff for other dolls so not a total loss. Anyone else have these dolls? What do you think about them? Let me know in the comments section below. And on that note I am off my lovelies. I will talk to you all again soon as I want to share some of my sewing with you all. Be good until then. Bye for now.

Slightly disappointed,

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