Monday, December 5, 2011

A quick post.

Hey guys, I just wanted to pop on real quick to share a few things with you I’ve been meaning to talk about.

So last week I was shopping with my mom and we popped into Tuesday morning that was still pretty bare from Black Friday a week before.  So while searching through the toy section I didn’t see much of interested in the girl’s side.  But when I turned around just to glance at the boy’s side I found something of interest.


Monster High Day At The Maul Draculaura.  I debated for a while on getting her.  I have wanted DLaura since the dolls debuted.  I wanted her before I wanted Frankie, but just never got her.  But there she was and at $9.99 she was a steal.  The thing that sold me on her was if I didn’t want her I knew I could sell her easily and get my money back.  That is until I got home and my sister’s keen eye caught something I hadn’t.  I must be slacking after not doll shopping for a while.  Poor DLaura has a big scratch in her eye makeup on her left eye (our right).  If that didn’t make me sad, what I found later did.  My Tuesday Morning is really dark in the toy section and only had bright light by the door.  So it wasn’t until I got her in brighter light that I noticed what I thought was off on her really was off.  The outline of her facial heart wasn’t finished on one side, and her fangs were painted on crooked.  Sad smile

Draculaura Closeup

Oh sure, I know I could still sell her as is, but it just doesn’t seem right.  I thought of taking her back, but my sister said I should just customize her.  I have been toying with the idea of customizing Frankie, so customizing DLaura wasn’t out of the question.  So I have decided to keep her and customize her.  I found a cool tutorial where someone died their DLaura with RIT dye.  So there are many possibilities of changing my girls into someone new.  But now I have an issue.  Now that I have two girls, I only have one boy.  I feel off centered now.  No, I am not going to collect these dolls because they would truly just be a collection for me and not of much use elsewise for me, so I just want to get one more boy to balance things out.  I want Holt Hyde since I have Jackson already.  I’ve wanted Holt for a while now too, so I will just get him and that will be it for Monster High for me…although…those create a monster sets look pretty cool.  *sigh*

Pink Dress

After Tuesday Morning my mom and I headed to a local Dollar Tree, also healing from the affects of Black Friday.  I went for nail polish, L. A. Colors if anyone is interested, but of course had to stop by the doll section.  Found one more set of the dress set that had the dress that would only fit a Monster High doll.

Strawberry Dress

I decided to get one to see if that was a fluke and also so I’d have extra of the strawberry dress because I really feel that stuff is going to unravel like crazy no sooner I pull out the seams.  It was the only dress set left so I figured it was meant to be.  Oh and yes, that dress was a fluke.

While I was in the toy section I noticed these doll “heads” that I guess are meant to be hair styling doll heads.  Wish I would have gotten a picture.  When I am there this week I will get one for sure.  But these heads looked very much like Barbie heads.  I mean literally if you took away where we were, took away the packaging, you’d swear you’d seen those heads before.  I’m really surprised Mattel hasn’t gone after these people since they are so trigger happy when it comes to suing people that are trying to get in on their turf.  And there was no mistaking where these molds came from.  I know a smiling face Barbie when I see one, and these dolls had that nasty face…sorry to those who like that mold.


And last but not least, I owed you all a picture of my sister’s Bei.  Here she is in a Liv doll cotton candy wig and a dress that came with the dress set the wig came in.  It was sold at Target if you are interested.

She is so super cute and I simply must have one.  I’d love to get a tan girl one day soon.  Until then I can play with my sister’s Bei that I believe has been renamed Karina.  I’ll update you on that later as well.  Karina will be one of the dolls receiving a new wardrobe from me.  She’s got a super thick body and big hands and feet so she needs things to be altered a bit for her.  I already have some great ideas in mind.

Bei Closeup

She doesn’t really have a story or personality yet, but what I have learned about her is she likes to wear cute items…as long as they aren’t pink.  Ughhh!  How can you have cute without pink?!?  Those of you cute lovers out there who detest pink, do not attack me, I was kiddingggg.  Yes, I have my work cut out for me on this.  But like I said, I already have some ideas.  Some of course had to be killed off because I was thinking of using dark fabrics and then remembered how resin likes to absorb dye much like Blythe dolls.  So if it’s not lined it could make for a problem.  I am refusing to be the reason my sister’s doll is ruined. If she ever does get ruined I promise it won’t be because of me.  So yes, like I said before, I have my work cut out for me.

And that’s about it for this post.  Still kind of busy as of now.  I am getting things done but I still have a ton more to get done.  I hope to be back to blogging more before the end of the month, but don’t any of you dare hold me to that.  Winking smile  Just wanted to share my finds and finally show you Bei.  Sorry for the lack of good quality pictures.  I snapped these on my cell phone real quick in a darkish room at night.  LOL!  I’ll try to get some better pictures of Bei as my project continues with her.  As for DLaura, it’ll take some time before I can get to her, but her and I do have a craft date for sure.  And on that note I will talk to you lovelies later.  Be good until next we meet.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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