Friday, December 30, 2011

Coming back full force in 2012!

A pre New Year’s Eve blog post, can you handle it?  Winking smile   Wow, can you believe by the end of tomorrow we’ve all just gone through another 365 days?  Crazy right?  Here’s to another 365!  Humm, there isn’t a leap year next year is there?  Well if there is, add one more day to my cheerful wish.  Smile

Surfing around the interwebs today I found a video that is a year old, but new to me and just awesome.  The  video is an animated version of Wicked’s “Defying Gravity”.  The artist did it in an attempt to get the play done in animation instead of live action.  Seems it will be live action in the end, but I so wish I could see a full Wicked animation.  Oh and in case you were wondering, the artist who did this works for Disney.  It’s pretty awesome.  Take a look.

I just love the look of storyboards and the concept of them.  It kind of makes me think about doll photostories and the preplanning of a scene and how things will go.  I don’t do storyboards on paper, but I do do them in my head.  I really liked this work and how they did the scene.  It just makes me crave more.  Who knows, maybe one day.  *fingers crossed tight*

And on that note I will wish you all a Happy New Year, and I hope that this year ends on a good note for everyone.  Be sure to defy gravity peeps.  I know I’m going to try soaring into the air next year.  I hope you’ll join me.  Smile  See you in 2012!!!

Dreaming of soaring through the air, singing songs from famous Broadway plays,

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