Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Past Few Days


Not that I’m super missed around the blogosphere, nope not a beg for attention there, I still thought I’d pop on real quick and tell you how my November went and how I believe it has changed some things for me.

So this month was Nanowrimo, and I had planned to be a rebel and write out the script for my doll photostories so I could start “filming” them in December and start uploading them in January.  Yeah, it didn’t work out that way at all.  It’s currently the last day of Nanowrimo with less than two hours to go and I have just under 8000 words typed up.  I needed 50000 words to win.  Yeah, not winning this year.  First time in several years I won’t be winning, and I’m ok with that.  Every year I felt I had to do Nanowrimo because I “wasn’t a serious aspiring author” if I didn’t do it.  So every year I did it.  Well this year I couldn’t think of a story I wanted to rush through for the month.  I’ve decided to really take my time and work through a plot before writing because I realized I was wasting my time by churning out crap because I wanted to rush through a story to make my 50k.  So I chose my script instead.  Well I started work on it on day one, then didn’t touch it until day 18.  I still could have won, but me dreading over something coming up at the end of the month kept me from being enthusiastic about it, so time dragged on and no typing was done.  Then came the dreaded day.

On the 28th I had jury duty.  For those of you who don’t know, jury duty is when the state summons you to court to overhear cases and decide if the person is innocent or guilty.  In other words, the person charged needs to be judged by a group of their peers, and those summoned to jury duty are those peers.  There were two cases, both pretty awful crimes.  Both put stress on me because both kind of brought up bad things in my life.  I thankfully got out of both of them, but it was over two days worth of hours sitting at the courthouse, the first day I was there from before 8:30 until after 5 o’clock.  The second day I thankfully got out around noonish-1 o’clock.  But after all was said and done I honestly came away from the situation a different person.  These past two days have literally worn me out and stressed me to the point of illness to hear bits and pieces of what these two individuals did and then to hear the horrific stories of other people defending themselves on why it would be best they didn’t serve on the jury.  I don’t believe I have to tell you that I’m so glad the whole thing is over…for two years at least.  Come November 30th 2013 I could be back up at the court house, and I’m really hoping it’s a simple robbery case of they broke in, left prints, are guilty as sin.  But I won’t worry about that for now.  Let’s get past December 21, 2012 first and then we’ll revisit this topic again.  Winking smile

So now that that is all over I feel relaxed again and feel focused.  But now my script is unfinished and the whole month is gone.  Well I’ve decided I still want to “film” this upcoming month, so I am doing a super Nanowrimo by writing the script up in one to two days starting at midnight.  I know it can be done and I know I can do it.  I’ve whipped up 8-10 page essays in less time than that.  Smile  Children out there, do as I say and not as I do…get your essay’s done super early and give yourself plenty of time to work on it and make it your best work.  You’ll be so glad you did.  Winking smile  Ok, PSA over.  But yeah, I really want to focus on this script and get the story done and the pictures done and get it all uploaded so I can move on from this script.  It’s been a script in my head for YEARSSSS and well, I’m kind of over it.  But I’ve worked so hard on it, and I’ve collected so much stuff for this story alone I just can’t say “oh forget about it” and move on.  No, I have to do something with it.  So I am.  And once I am done with it I can finally move on to the story I really want to do, but refuse to think about too much because of fear I might abandon the one I am working on now.  For now I am just collecting props for that story and speaking of which, I got some today.

My most prized purchase of the day was through the Wednesday only sale at Toys R Us.  Get this, I learned about it from a TRU sales flier left on a seat at my mom’s heart monitor appointment.  What luck was that?  Now a newspaper in the place, but I found that ad, and no I wasn’t ashamed to pick up a TRU flier and look through it in a waiting room filled with people older than me looking at me.  LOL!  So the deal I was interested in was the buy one Liv doll at regular price, get the second one half off, spend 15 dollars in Liv items, get an accessory pack for free.  I’ve needed two Jake dolls since they’ve come out, but after missing the awesome half off sale on them through TRU when they came out, I just couldn’t plunk down full price for two of them.  I just felt if I waited another deal would come along, and it did.  Smile  This deal I could “Liv” with.  Hahaha, get it, because live and Liv sound the…umm yeah…so moving on.  So I got to TRU early and went straight to the doll section to the Liv doll area.  I was on a mission, to find two Jake dolls.  I knew I had to get there early because Jake’s are like rare gems around here.


Boy was I surprised when I got the shelf and found a Jake right up front.  Mine!  But I wanted one more.  So I searched through the various female dolls and didn’t find a Jake.  I was feeling bummed and started looking at the girl dolls wondering how I could use them in my future story so I could still at least get the deal.  I kept digging and digging to find the right girl for me to take home when in the very back of the shelf I found him, a second Jake doll.  I know I don’t have to tell you this but, MINE!  So I had my two boys and now I needed an accessory pack.  Ladies and gents, do your research online before you head to the store.  It will help those of you like me who are indecisive quickly get what you want.  I found several packs online and had them polled down to two.  I decided I could easily pick between two packs, so I went on the hunt.  I only found one of the two, and I saw that it wasn’t what I expected, it was better.  I found another set I wasn’t sold on, and almost got it because at first it was the only one I saw, but I walked down further and found the other packs.  But the one I had in my hand had slippers, and shoes for these dolls are hard to come by, so I almost was sold on the set I didn’t really want due to slippers, but then I saw the pack I originally chose and saw how perfect it was for one of my main characters in my new story that I had to take it home with me instead.


It’s so perfect for Lucy, my shy nerdy girl.  The phone is similar to mine expect mine is blue, the computer has a cool design on the other side, the bag really opens and you can put the computer in, there’s a mp3 player that they can really wear, and some snackage.  What’s not to love?  I almost said no on this set because the bag looked so cool but I hate sets with bags that don’t open.  When I was a kid I would have taken it without a second thought, but as an adult you can’t do much in a story with a “fake” bag.  And I want to move more towards real fabric bags instead of plastic, but this one I took a chance on because it looks so nice and it works.  So yeah I was happy with my purchase.  There’s nothing I don’t like about it.  Well…I don’t like that the strawberries are white on the sundae, but a quick swipe of the paintbrush will fix that.  Smile  So yeah, can’t wait to start using these in my new photostory after I finish the current one.  Smile

Dollar Store Project

The rest of the day was random shopping for things, a lot of nail polish for some reason. But one thing I did get was another one of the strawberry dress sets from the last few posts.  Remember the pink dress didn’t fit?  Well I got the second set to see if the pink dress in it would fit and decided if it didn’t I’d have more of the strawberry “fabric” to work with.  Something tells me it’s going to fray super bad so having a little more to work with will be nice.  And well, that’s about it for the past few days.  A lot of ups and downs, mostly downs, but I survived, I learned a few things about myself, and I’m ready to finally tackle things now that I realize that I won’t crumble and fall on the spot due to some health issue.  That’s the one pro from spending all day at jury duty without eating or drinking anything from stress.  I do not advise that people.  I almost fainted while descending four flights of stairs.  Yeah.

So, what’s next for me?  A lot.  This December is going to be a busy month, but I love being busy.  I love getting up early now and starting the day with a fresh mind and fresh start.  Speaking of which, I need to hurry this up and get my butt to bed.  Getting up around 5:3-6 so I can head out tomorrow to get some conditioner for my hair in the morning then get back here and get started on Christmas presents.  Busy, busy, busy.


So one of the first things I need to get done is to get my desk finally.  I believe I mentioned it here that I have been on the hunt for a second desk ever since I gave up my crafting table.  I just wanted a small one for my room so I can craft in my room and on a clean surface.  My other desk I do everything on from painting to gluing then I sew on it.  So I kind of want a place to do my fabric crafts without having to check like crazy for paint or glue.  I had found two IKEA table/desk things I liked the price of, but the shipping went up and I just didn’t feel the same about them any more.  Then my mom found this desk on the Walmart website and after seeing that the curvy side is not really on the final product I was sold.  But I’ve yet to get my desk.  I’m hoping for tomorrow to get it so I can start working on Christmas presents.  I have some ideas for them, but nothing can be put down in stone until I get a proper work place.  So hopefully I will make this one mine tomorrow.  Hopefully.

So desk hunting, present making, catching upping in various things, that leaves me little time to be lazy this upcoming month.  Yay for that!  Smile  So much to do, so little time, and I’m cool with that.  I’m seeing now that spending each moment the best you can is what matters most.  Yes all of this was learned from the tortures of jury duty.  I wish I could get into more about what happened, but then it means revealing things about me that just aren’t on topic of this blog and I promise you, sharing personal stuff with a room full of strangers is embarrassing enough, I don’t think I should force myself through it again with my doll peeps.  Just know that I am seeing life through different colored lenses now and those pretty rose colored ones are in the trash forever.

And well, I believe that’s it for this post.  I’ll try to pop in sporadically this month, but don’t be surprised if Christmas Eve is the first you hear from me.  I’m telling you, busy month ahead, but that’s a good thing.  And I hope to be able to come back here with lots to show and tell.  Until then my dear lads and lassies, be good and remember your rabbits in the morning.  BunnyBunnyBunny  Smile  Bye for now.

Loves ya Red heart,


  1. Those are cute. What would you do if you win those dolls? Are they just for display or is there something more?

  2. Yay! I'm so happy for you, the dread is over! I wondered what you were up against, and jury duty, ugh! Now I get it. Must be a huge weight off to have that over & done with!

    Congrats on tracking down 2 Jakes. Funny how they're still so hard to find! Looking forward to your photostories, and maybe some pics of your craft room setup...? (I'm such a sucker for those!)

    Have fun making Xmas stuff, babe!


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