Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Google Friend Connect Shutting Down

I know this might not affect many of you, but some of you it will and I wanted to mention it.  I was randomly looking at my Mozilla browser and noticed the headlines button.  Clicked on it for the first time today and noticed a title mentioning Google was shutting down some things.  I usually don’t pay attention to stuff like that, but today I did for some reason.

So from what I’ve read, if you do not have a Blogger account, and you have a Google Friend Connect gadget on your website or blog, come March 1, 2012 you will no longer have your followers gadget on your website.  It doesn’t seem to affect Blogger though, just non-Blogger sites.  They are encouraging people to instead make a Google+ account and use their gadget on there to drive traffic to your Google+ account.  Yeah, don’t see how that works for people to stay connected and follow your blog or website, and I do see this as Google’s way of getting more traffic in an attempt to surpass Facebook, but I see them closing the service as lame.  I have seen so many blogs out there using Google Friend Connect, so I call bull poo on this one not being a success.  But I thought I’d mention it to those of you in danger of losing your followers gadget.  If I’m on your non-Blogger Google Friend Connect, you have no worries of me not continuing to follow, I’ll still be there.  But you might want to mention it to your readers who maybe only follow you through the service and might lose your website after it closes down.

And with that I make my return back to real life again. *sad sigh*  I’ll be returning guys, I promise.  After Monday some time for sure.  I have things to share with you still.  I might post about some of that tomorrow when I get a free moment.  But I shall return soon.  Until then, be good, and bye for now.  Smile

Sadly returning back to real life,

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