Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I did what?!?

Hey friends! Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I've been trying to get organized, still in the process of it actually, but I am making progress. So those of you who have been following me for a longgggggg time know I've been trying to open a shop for a very long time now. YEARSSSSSS actually. Well, it looks like 2015 is going to be my year. I'm going to go into business with my mom, and maybe my sister, but either way this shop is opening this year. I was having issues trying to decide what I wanted to sell and what I wanted to do with my shop, but I've finally decided to go back to my original plan and sell handmade clothes for Blythe, which was my original plan yearsssss ago. I want to start with Blythe and like-size dolls and expand from there to other dolls, eventually doing face-ups of dolls, and then hopefully one day making my own doll. From there I'd like to build an empire to for dolls, toys, crafting in general, but first baby steps.

So now that I've figured out what the first step is, deciding on sewing for Blythe dolls, I need to start getting organized to officially open shop. I'm so disorganized right now, after the whole Christmas sewing thing I've let my craft area just sit in rambles. yep, almost three months of neglect. So it's time to get on track and back to it. I'm starting to focus on getting healthier so I can work harder on my shop and other ventures I am planning. But as my friend Kenny keeps reminding, hey Kenny, baby steps. So what I did today was my first baby step. I bought a doll. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!

I currently have an Ashton-Drake Galleries Blythe that sadly has the frizzy hair, a Blybe that is super cute but not the real thing, and I have now officially order an "almost" legit Blythe doll. She's technically made from Blythe parts, but not a doll that actually exists. Yes, I got a factory doll, but she was so beautiful I had to, and she was a decent price for a nude doll too. I know with factory dolls you aren't sure what you are getting, so I am going to be hopeful that she will be beautiful and will only need slight surface touch-ups if any. I don't want to think of names for her yet because she's two weeks off from being officially mine, but Poppy keeps popping into my mind. Here are the pictures I nabbed from the Ebay sale page. They only sold two others like her, so the odds of me seeing many people with my girl are slim. Have a look.

The hair is what caught my eye. I love this combination of pink, orange, and yellow. I love the dress she is wearing and will have to try to recreate it for her.  I'm just not sure on a name for her yet. But I really wanted her in case my main girl's hair proved to be a problem. I would reroot her my main girl, but she has a scalp that needs to be fully replaced, and I may do that in the future, but I want to keep her original. So I am just give her permanent buns on her head and just call it a day with her. Her hair kind of reminds me of mine with the frizz and I just feel like I shouldn't try to get rid of her hair just as I would not get rid of mine. So I will bun it up, make it cute, and keep on keeping on. My other girl's hair is fine, which is shocking for a cheap doll, and she will be in pictures as well. Then I have a Pullip my friend Xander bought for me, hi Xander, and I have a vintage Skipper that I rescued from the bottom of a thrift store doll random toy table that I plan to make into a boy Blythe one day, but for now I will use her to sell Blythe clothes as well, just need to finish rerooting her, she needs some tlc. I need to see about fixing her neck rips. Watch, I'll fix her up and can't bring myself to change her into a boy Blythe. *sigh* Oh well, it will be nice to promote Vintage Skipper clothes too.

So I have 5ish models, still need to get Skip ready to go and wait two weeks for my new girl, and need to bun my main girl's hair, and I'll be ready to go. I already know the theme I kind of want to stay around, but I won't force myself to stay in it, because I may change my mind what I want. I kind of want to go Mod and vintage with clothing, because I love that style of clothing, but I may want to change things up and do something lolita, so I will just keep things open on that.

So that means you can expect to see me here more posting. I hadn't been here much before because so many posts talked about my ex and would come up as suggestions when I would check to make sure my blog post posted properly for you guys to read. I didn't know if I could handle that and was really playing with the idea of deleting every post but my very first post on the blog so I'd still know when I created the blog. But then I decided against it. I've been in contact with my ex and it has helped me realize that he's just a crap person and will always be one and I am starting to become numb to his BS. So I am not going to destroy all the hard work I've done over the years because of him, I'm just going to move on. It's a part of my past and it's what made me what I am today. So I am ready to jump back in here and share what I've been up to. I want to share the things I made for Christmas, I want to share some things I've recently been working on, I want to share my plans and bounce ideas off of you, and I just really want to reconnect with you guys. So here's to trying again. This is the year of facing my fears and doing the things I've been wanting to do. So far so good, I can't wait to see what the rest of this year is going to bring. :-) I'll talk to you again soon friends, take care, bye for now.

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