Monday, February 9, 2015

A very Merry Unbirthday to you! Oh yeah, and to me too!

So I realized today was the 9th, and I groaned when I realized that my birthday is only 6 months away. Truthfully I am thankful for every birthday I get, but I feel I haven't accomplished enough and time is just flying by. So I wasn't too happy about it, but then I decided, what the heck, I'm going to do what I always do on this landmark occassion. Happy Unbirthday to me!!! LOL! Oh, and to you too, of course. :-) And in honor of today, I think we shall have a song.

I hope you all had a wonderful Unbirthday today, or I hope you had an awesome birthday if today just happened to be your birthday. :-) I'll talk to you all again very soon. Take care until then. Bye for now. :-)

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  1. My birthday was on the 7th it arrived really fast too, lol. I mean it was just October right? Like everyone was still beginning to rant about Christmas.


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