Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Oh yeah, about that...

Hi again friends! So just as I sent my last post off to you guys, the UPS truck pulls up outside of my house to drop off a box for little ol' me. Ummm...yeah almost forgot this purchase. What?!? I got excited over my new girl coming from China, I forgot about my new girl coming today. I haven't opened the box yet, but I am excited to see my new pretty thing. Say hi to my new girl Maudlynne Macabre, or as I will call her, Dreary. Images from the Tonner Doll website.

At 35 dollars I felt she was a good deal. She uses the LilMissMatched doll body, which I sewed for this Christmas actually. I bought one mostly for the clothes at a cheap price and didn't like her, so now my mom owns her. I like the body and the clothes sets, which I finally got all of them after some struggles with Toys R Us, so Dreary has some very bright and miss-matched clothes waiting for her, but I will be making her some darker clothes as well. I wanted her for the doll as well as the clothes that I could share with my Resinsoul Bei doll, so that is extra exciting.

I plan to sew for this girl as well because there isn't much in clothing for her, besides the LilMissMatched clothes, and it seems her line may have been canceled. She was suppose to get clothing packs, a new blonde ghostly friend, and clothes for her friend as well that could have been shared with her. However that was mentioned at last year's Toy Fair and she has since been put on sale and nothing else has been mentioned about the line. So I think it's fair to say this girl is not going to have much more than the clothes on her back. I plan to change that and sew for her. I like sewing for her size and hope to make some super cute things for her. I can't wait to open the box and see her in person. I've coveted her for a very long time and so I am excited to see what she finally looks like in person. Eeeeeee! Ok, I'm calm, just excited.

And on that note friends I am off. I have some cleaning to do, box opening to do, and more organizing to do. I'll post again soon. Take care until then. Bye for now.

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