Thursday, August 7, 2014

Skin Biopsy, No Bueno

footOk, so let me just tell you, for you sun bunnies out there, STOP! Just STOP! If you get a spot on you that needs to be check, you are so going to regret it. I’m not even a sun bunny and I regret…well…having skin on my feet. Ugh! OK, so when someone is coming at your foot with a needle and says, “You’re going to feel a prick and a sting.”, do not, I repeat, DO NOT assume that it will be like getting a flu shot, because it won’t. Omgggggg that was the most painful shot I have gotten to date, and I’ve had several painful shots. It was like you wanted to pull your foot away but you knew you couldn’t so you closed your eyes, bit down on your lips, make a little noise, and be slightly amused at how you can’t control your leg and foot from shaking. The P.A. told me it would hurt for 10 seconds then go numb. Longest 10 seconds of my life, I swear it! But once it was over, I was numb, even though it didn’t feel that way. I could still feel them touching my toe and moving it, but when he did the procedure, I didn’t even know he’d done it. It was over before I knew it, and she was putting on a Band-Aid and he was telling me how to take care of the hole until it heals. So while I wouldn’t want to do it again, it wasn’t that bad…after the longest 10 seconds of my life that is. Oh needles, why must you be so pointy? Thinking smile
And on that last painful not, I am off lovelies. My foot is starting to feel less numb, and well, I’m so not enjoying the feeling. Also, the cat, who has a foot fetish, especially with my foot, especially with the foot that got the biopsy, is on the hunt for foot, and I want to crawl under my covers and hide from her. I will talk to you all tomorrow. Until then. Take care. Bye for now.
ETA: Guess who just got a call from her doctor letting her know her thyroid is just fine? This girl!!! Woot!!! It’s going to be a very happy birthday for me! Open-mouthed smileBirthday cake


  1. yay for the good news on your thyroid!

    1. Thank you! :-) I was really worried about the results. And now that I am good there I am going to really focus on getting healthy and hope my thyroid gets healthy again.


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