Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Got To Be A Google Doodle…Well Kinda

Can we just pause and reflect on the fact that I got a Google Doodle just for me today? When I got onto Google today, I was wondering who’s birthday it was today when I saw the cakes. I hovered over the image and got a surprise.


I was so shocked and then I of course I had to tell someone I had a Google Doodle. My sister was the only one around, but she was impressed, so I felt validated in my search for someone. LOL! So yeah, next time your birthday rolls around, take a look at Google, you may have your own Birthday Google Doodle waiting for you. Birthday cake Bye for now lovelies. Smile


  1. That's freaking awesome!! I have to wait until next year so I hope it is just as cute as yours!

    1. I was so surprised when I saw it. LOL! I wonder if they will change it each year? Now that would be fun. :-)


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