Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Has anyone invented the 36 hour day yet?

Time Management

It seems like I just don’t seem to have time to catch up on anything lately. I’m constantly having to do something, and most of these things do not allow for multi-tasking. For example, I was working on a short story yesterday and though I could work on it while I let the ferrets out to play for an hour. Yeah, did any of you guys know that ferrets are like super at jumping? Yeah, I knew this, but I didn’t think they’d charge at my laptop, jump, grab the top, and bend it all the way back! I was so worried they’d break my hinge after the third time of doing this that I just gave up. *sigh*

Then we have my article writing itself. I’m slowly starting to make money at it, but it takes so much time to write one sometimes. I decided to get fancy with an article the other day and it literally took me all day to do with writing, finding products, and making all my html play nice together. Ugh!!!

Then of course I have ideas doll-wise I want to share with all of you and I just haven’t had the time to. One of the things I said would be ready a few weeks ago has been ready for weeks but the other thing isn’t ready and I wanted to post them together. I may just have to post them at different times so this place doesn’t become Ghost Town USA again.

Add on to this that the weather is getting blissfully cooler but this change in weather is causing me to be sleepy all the time. Then of course, still dealing with all the other stuff I was dealing with before, and well, just…*sigh*. LOL! Well I guess since that 36 hour day is still a long while off, I will just need to get my rear in gear and get organized. Yep, still working on that. I’ve never been this disorganized before. Is there any hope for me? Please  say yes! Fingers crossed

I just recently read this article, it’s where the picture for my post came from. The author of the post is an actual author who not only writes several books a year, she homeschools her two children, and she takes care of the house and yard. She explains how to pull yourself from the Land of Crazy Disorganization to a land less cluttered with chaotic thoughts with no plan and no end in sight. Check it out if you are like me. Hopefully we will find our way out of the LOCD and can get back to a calmer way of existing. Then again maybe not, but hey, it’s worth a try. Smile

And on that note, I have got to my lovelies. I will be back soon. I have a lot to share and can’t wait to do so. Hope all of you are doing well. Be doll hugs and smooches to you all. Smile

Ready for bed at only 1:07 in the morning…I must be getting old,

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  1. Glad to see you're still around! If you have any luck making that 36 hour day happen, make sure you let me know, lol. Hugs, babe!


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