Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No Update, No Problem

OK, so yes, I know, I promised an update. But do you know how quickly a weekend goes when you have free time from writing and you want to play Guild Wars 2? Very quickly, I tell you! On top of that, it takes forever to take dolls out of their boxes. My video is longish and I need to cut it down big time. I don’t even know if anyone will watch, but it’s there for people curious about anything I bought. And now there are two more dolls I want to buy and then I swear that’s it, no more Liv doll buying…unless I find them really cheap somewhere, then all bets are off! But it doesn’t look like I will be getting to an update or working here on the blog at all until this weekend again. I have some articles due and I need to start figuring out how to promote them. I’ve started making some sales, it’s pennies and quarters still, but for being there only roughly two months, I’m not doing too bad. If you are interested in writing for Squidoo, come over and check it out, it’s fun and addictive. And hey, if your work gets noticed, you can make some money on the side.

So, since I don’t have a personal update for you, I thought I’d leave you with some interesting doll pictures I have found on the web. Warning, two of the pictures are of the same doll cut in half with exposed organs. I think it’s pretty cool, but some may see it as an ick factor.


I thought this was interesting. Barbie encouraging girls not to eat? For shame! I love little bits of “dollie trivia” likes this.

Ok, so these are the same doll, one with her hair down of course. I thought this was just so neat. From what I can gather, this is a piece of art displayed somewhere overseas. I couldn’t find much more about this picture as it was on Tumblr and making the rounds everywhere. But I had to share this. I remember when I was a little girl wondering what the inside of Barbie looked like and then wondering what it would look like if she was real. So finally seeing “both” is kind of neat.

So yeah, brief update just to let you know, nothing has been forgotten, just pushed back. Ugh! I need more time in my day!!! I have so many blogs to catch up on, I feel like I don’t know what anyone is doing lately. But I’ll update this weekend for sure and try to catch up as well. Hope all of you are doing well. I will talk to you soon. Be good until then. Bye for now. Open-mouthed smile

Tired as heck and needing to write a new article tonight,

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  1. Hello from Spain: thanks for sharing these pictures and these creations. The inside Barbie is a very original creation. Keep in touch


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