Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

So, the day is almost over for me, but I had to quickly pop on a say hi. Today is my birthday and I am exhausted from taking care of my new present.  Go here if you are curious what it is.  I am so ready for bed now.

In other news, I will be updating you all on some stuff tomorrow, since I am way to tired to do it now. But I wanted to wait to update on my mom until now. So it seems she had two mild strokes on both sides of her brain. Her eye sight seems to be the only thing messed up, so we are lucky and blessed.  She has a pacemaker now as well. She’s not very happy about that, but it will help wake up her heart when it gets to slow.

I really will update more tomorrow. I just wanted to pop on and give you a brief update and say hi. Miss blogging so much, and I will be back to it real soon. For now, take care, be good, and loves ya!



  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your birthday. I see that your gifts are those puppies ... They are very cute. Keep in touch


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