Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Quick Update For My Lovely Peeps

Hey guys, super quick update. So I have been recently working on my health lately with varying results. I have been having a hard time going gluten free because I love bread and have been feeling the need for bread big time.  But gluten-free breads are dry, crumbly, and not good.  I recently found a book and blog that could help that, from the reviews I’ve read, but as for right now I don’t know.  I have recently gotten the flours and gums I’ve needed to go full steam ahead on fresh homemade bread, but I haven’t done it yet.  I don’t know if I am scared to try or what.  It’s just I will be so disappointed if I go through the trouble of making the bread and it tastes like crap.  I miss white flour bread, can’t help it. Sad smile  And this has been throwing off my diet because I am craving it so badly that I will eat crap to try to fill that void, and it soooo isn’t working.  Well that all may chance with an interesting piece of mail I got today.

My doctor had recently taken some blood samples and everything came back normal, except for my iron levels which I knew were bad, gotta remember to call her about my iron supplement.  But everything came back normal.  I had a celiac test done and it came back normal.  So it seems I can eat wheat, but I am sooooo nervous because of how I felt before I went gluten free.  Now that can be related to the thyroid issue I have, and maybe the going gluten free acted as a kind of placebo.  Or maybe going gluten free helped it out in some way.  All I know is that I’m torn on what to do.  Today I did eat a wafer, two crackers, and a small slice of pizza and I learned a few things.  I wasn’t missing anything!  The pizza made me feel sick because of the grease, and this big “bright lights and angels singing” moment I thought I’d have from finally having a piece of regular pizza that didn’t taste like sand just didn’t happen.  It was reheated so it was gummy, and the stuff on it didn’t taste like anything and it was a gourmet pizza.  The wafer didn’t really taste like how I remembered them.  It was a coconut sugar-free wafer, and it just didn’t taste like anything. They only thing that did kind of have a taste were the Ritz crackers but only because they had a special cheese spread on it.  That’s about it.  After trying the crackers I wanted to try the cheese spread again and just went back to using the tortilla shells I usually use.  I don’t feel to bad.  Not more than usual with my acid reflux.  So maybe I’ll be ok with occasional gluten.

I don’t plan on going completely back to gluten.  But it takes some stress off knowing I have options again.  But it’s so weird, even with the options, I don’t feel the need to suddenly ask for everything yummy under the stars.  I feel that this going gluten free may have helped me greatly in my quest to try to lose weight.  It has taught me I can go without and I won’t die without something. It has taught me that I should eat to live and not live to eat.  It has taught me that eating healthier is better use of your calories and it’s better for you.  So I am still glad I went gluten free and will never regret it or the things I missed out on.  What I learned from it is worth more to me than all the yummy treats in the world.  Except for maybe Kit Kats.  I could so murder a Kit Kat right now. Winking smile  But even saying that, I want to first try this Kit Kat imposter I’ve heard of first that is gluten free.  If it’s not like Kit Kat then I will so grab me one snack bar.  Just one won’t hurt, and just one will do.  I’m so glad I have that kind of control now.  Smile

But yeah, that’s what I’m dealing with now guys.  Still working on this acid reflux that literally cripples me sometimes.  And this weight loss thing is also a nuisance.  But all in time.  One day at a time.  It’ll all come together.  Smile  Ok peeps, I’m off.  I want to get some sleep and my acid is acting up and making me a little tense.  I don’t want to feel bad, but I think it’s going to happen.  Hate this.  And to know it would be better if I just lost a little more weight upsets me because my discipline has been wavering some as of late.  Sad smile  But I’ll get back on track.  If I can do gluten free I can anything!  Smile  Love you guys.  Talk to you soon.  Smile

Loves ya,

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