Saturday, June 25, 2011

Realistic Miniatures

So recently I was reading a newsletter from a mini printables site I like to go to, and I in that newsletter it talked about these cool miniatures that really “work”.  What kind of miniatures am I talking about?  Mini aquariums!  LOL!



This first one comes from what I gather is a tropical fish aquarium website.  The website is full of just about anything you could wonder about starting a tropical fish aquarium.  On one page of the website the site owner talks about several friends from Brazil who created some miniature tanks out of unique items.  The one above was made from a bird feeder insert.  It you go to the article page you can see a few more detailed photos of the aquarium.  If they had proper fish they could put them inside of it.  Every detail inside of the aquarium is from actual nature.  For example the plants are small plants and moss the creator found outside.  So cool.


The next aquarium is from a luxury life blog, which I’m am figuring out is a blog that tells you about the finer things in life and where to find them.  The blog on talks about a range of items from current events to odds and ends, and this aquarium was one of the items blogged about.  Created by a miniature specialist, don’t you just love that title, the aquarium is called the smallest in the world.  It’s 30mm wide, 24mm high, 14 mm deep, and holds 10ml of water.  It even has a water purification filter to keep the water healthy for fish.  And she even made a tiny little net to take fish in and out of the water.  And before you begin to wonder, yes those are real fish.  They are baby Danios.  So cute.  You have to go to the blog and check out the other pictures there and read the blog post.  It’s just amazing how realistic it looks and even more amazing that real fish can live in it.

But I just had to share that with you guys.  With a little imagination you can really create anything in miniature, and sometimes they can be fully functional.  Could you imagine having real fish in photostories and dioramas?  Can you just picture the first response from the ever watchful eye fan who was wondering how you made the fish look like they were actually moving?  LOL!  And of course the shocked response to “oh, they’re real”.  LOL!  Too cool, funny, and cute.  Smile  Ok, I’m off everyone.  I have a few more posts I want to write up and then I am heading to bed.  Talk to you all tomorrow.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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