Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Brutal Truth

I. Am. Old.  Don’t believe me?  Behold…


I take these things every day.  The medications I have been taking since February have changed a bit over the months.  For example I did take prescription iron and vitamin D pills, but now I take over the counter ones.  The gummies in back are Disney Princess vitamins, yes kid vitamins.  I happily just got back on them today and I’m so so so so happy.  I was taking some of my mom’s women’s vitamins and they made me feel like crap and I had to cut them into 4 sections to swallow them.  They had iron in them, but since my iron is still piss poor I got back on supplements, which I hated before but I’m so happy to be back on them now so I can just take the gummie vitamins with my vitamin D and iron.  I take the children’s vitamins because one they are gluten free, two they are chewable, and three there is no iron in them.  The white bottle on the back left is my fiber supplement because I don’t get enough in my diet.  The bottle on front left I believe is my thyroid medicine and the one on the right is my Prilosec.  People!  Do you know how much prescription Prilosec costs someone who has no insurance?  56 dollars!!!  For 30 days!!!  I was in so much shock when I heard that.  When I found that out I made it my mission to lose weight and get the acid reflux under control so I can get off of the stuff because one, it’s expensive, and two, it’s been known to cause stomach cancer over time.  So yeah, while it helps me live a little better, I will be glad to see it go honestly.  But yeah, proof that I’m an old 32 year old.  *sigh*  *sniffle*

And I am so behind on reading blogs, commenting on blogs, and commenting on my own blog, it’s crazy.  Just been busy with cleaning, trying to sort out my life, watching over my mom, and just being tired all the time.  Today I did some cleaning, and I’m glad with the progress I made.  My mom had one of her spells again today, but she also had a bit to much coffee and took her medicine very late, so it might be that.  I hope so.  Tomorrow she is going to try no coffee, no acid reflux triggers, no sage, and no vitamin water as these things are the only new or potential triggers we can think of for right now.  If things don’t get better she’s going to the doctor.  I hope things get better.  It’s weird, you guys and my boyfriend are the only ones I have told about this.  Not even my close friends I have told and I can’t figure out why.  Part of me thinks they don’t care since they can’t be half-assed to call me and basically only talk to me through Facebook if they can catch me on it or only contact me because they need something.  It’s one of the many reasons I hate FB.  I’d close it again, but it keeps me up to date on some Youtubers I watch, some doll sites, some craft sites, and some people in the doll and craft communities.  So I guess it’s good for something…I guess.  Smile  Well, I’m off to watch some Netflix.  They’ve been adding some new shows on there…one of them being a childhood love.  Smile


“Go, go Gadget Arm!”  Inspector Gadget was a cartoon from the 80s that just rocked my socks as a kid.  My brother and I both loved it.


So basically, Inspector Gadget is about this inspector named Gadget who is kind of like a bionic man in a way, who has all these gadgets that are installed in his body that he uses to help him fight crime and bring down his arch nemesis Dr. Claw.  Only problem is this guy is rather dumb and clumsy.  The ones who really save the day are his niece Penny and their faithful, trusty, and very helpful dog Brain.  Together these three solve crimes and keep the world safe another day from the evil Dr. Claw.

So, out of the three, who is my favorite?  Smile


Penny of course.  Smile  I loved her computer book and wanted one so badly as a kid.  I used to take one of my regular thick books and pretend it was a computer book.  Tapping away into fake keys and seeing the solution to my problems right before my eyes.  I was very inventive back then.  Winking smile   Brain comes in a close second, Gadget next, and then poor Chief Quimby who always suffers at Gadget’s expense.  You’d think after so many times he’d stop using self-destruct paper.  And one thing that always got me about the show, Penny got kidnapped in most of them.  LOL!  In the end you kind of waited for it, and she’d have to figure out how to get out of her jam once again.  It was interesting.  I was so shocked to learn that Penny was voiced by Cree Summer.  I love Cree Summer.  I love her acting and the characters she does voiceover for.  Now I’m not a big fan of Dr. Claw.  He’s just your generic faceless evil-doer, but his cat M.A.D. Cat was awesome.  One of the best evil sidekicks ever.  LOL!

So yeah, that’s my stroll down Memory Lane for the day.  I was so excited when my sister told me it was on Netflix.  It’s just nice to have a little part of childhood to reflect back on.  So I’m off to watch another episode or two of it while I wait for Ariel to go home and call me.  He’s on call tonight at the hospital and I like to stay up and wait for him.  Poor guy is on call for another 2 and half hours and he’s been up since early Saturday morning and on the go the whole day.  I so hope he can take the vacation in November that we are planning.  Fingers crossed.  Ok, talk to you guys and dolls later.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya,

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