Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Wishful Thinking Wishlist and Why I'm Not Playing K'Nex With Someone Special

It happened when I saw Iris Clops pop up in my suggestions today. I have wanted Iris since I heard about her, but even more so when I learned about her "I Love Fashion" doll. It first started with a random picture that lead to an auction that was taken down quickly. They showed her off in all her glory. I was hooked, but the rumor was, it was fake. *sigh* So I let that dream go. However, as time went by, more and more sightings started coming out and then doll Youtubers started talking about her and sharing her and then Mattel let us know, it wasn't a fake and she could be ours very soon. Flash forward to today, I find out she's a Toys R Us exclusive and we'd have to hit the aisles to try to get her. Something tells me she's rare, and hard to find. I'm not willing to pay scalper prices or fight for her, so the dream sadly ends here. I'm still hopefully I can get her on Amazon for a decent price, sometimes I get lucky like that. We'll see. Fingers crossed. And hey, it is my birthday next month, and people are already asking me what I want. :-D

From there, though, things just got worse. The next thing that
caught my eye was Wydowna Spider and her "I Love Fashion" doll. I actually wanted this doll before I knew about the one for Iris. Wydowna is just such an interesting doll, being a spider and all, and I am so not a fan of spiders, but she's a cutie. Her clothes are cool, she gets a good amount of them along with shoes, and I love the way she looks. The only thing keeping me from getting her is that loud blue lipstick on her. Sure, I could repaint them, but I just don't think I could do her justice, and it would bother me to change the doll. But I do so love her, especially her widow's peak.

Next on the list is Monster High Ghoul Fair Scarah Screams. I love Scarah Screams. For some reason she reminds me on Winona Ryder from around the Beetlejuice days. She's Lydia Deetz and she's of sound mind. You ask her, she's answering, yes she loves that man of hers. LOL! I think that's why she appeals to me so much. Her white eyes, dark hair, pale skin, a perfect emo goth in the making, or just a misunderstood ghoul, take your pick. I have two of this lovely lady, her "I Love Fashion" doll and her "Freaky Fusion" doll. The "Freaky Fusion" doll, I have plans to customize her. I don't know if I am keeping her. I am really happy with the first Scarah I have, so I can easily pass on others. That is why I am passing on the fair one. She's cute, I love the yellow in her hair, and the outfit is super cute, but I think I will hold off. If I find a good deal on her, during Black Friday or something, then I will get her.

Next is the 2015 SDCC Monster High Valentine and Whisp dolls. In all honesty, I
just want Valentine, he's a hottie. Whisp is pretty and all, but I don't really have any feeling for her. Sorry Whisp lovers out there, she's just not my bag baby. But Valentine, he's so suave and awesome looking. He reminds me of a character I want to put into my doll comic one day, though he's a bad guy, not sure if Valentine is a bad guy or not. I'll have to find out. But alas, I'll have to hope they make another doll of him for cheaper. He's a bit pricey for me with his lovely lady in their exclusive set. Fingers crossed that our paths will cross again. *dreamy sigh*

The next dolls are along the same theme, I only want the boy. The Monster High Boo York, Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon doll pack. I only want Deuce in the set. I don't know, I've never been big on Cleo. In fact, I only have one Cleo and that was so I could steal her hands for my Howleen Wolf doll. Cleo will be customized. I don't know why I don't like her that much, the character is funny enough, but I just don't like the doll too much. But I have always wanted a Deuce, and this one is just so handsomely cool looking. Perhaps I'll get the set, keep him, and pass her on. Or perhaps I'll just wait for another doll of him that appeals to me like this one does. Only time will tell. Now, pardon me as I do some quick Deuce picspam just to show you how handsome this beautiful boy is.

The next doll(s) are the Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Peri and Pearl dolls. When I saw these ladies, I couldn't help but think that Mattel was taking notes from customizers on making a two-headed doll. This doll is so awesome and I loved the idea of a two-headed doll. I really want to know the story of these two girls. I so need to get back into watching the Monster High shorts and movies. Now the only down side to these girls is the fact that they are a water monster with a tail. There isn't much to work with with a doll that has a tail. They'd mostly be for display and as my collecting habits have changed, I don't collect dolls that will merely sit around to be on display. So sadly I'll have to just look at owners pictures of these lovelies when they come out. :-(

Now this next doll I MUST have. She's just so
freaking adorable. The Monster High Monster Exchange Program Isi doll. Seriously? So awesome! Look at the ears, the horns, the face-up, the clothes!!! She's so freaking awesome!!! The only reason I won't get this girl is if I can't afford her when she is released or she's hard to get. Fingers crossed tight I can make this girl mine.

This next girl, the Monster High Monster Exchange Program Kjersti doll, isn't necessarily a "must-have" girl, but she sure is a "must-see" girl. There's sadly only a blurry photo (image found here on maplesyrup44's instagrram) and cartoon pictures on the sales page for her, but she looks adorable and she's on the little sister body. She may possibly be a "must-have" after I see her. Even through the blurr, she just looks so cute.

The next two are Ever After High dolls. The first one
I am in love with is Ever After High Melody Piper. She looks so funky and reminds me of the skaters from the Jet Set Radio game, look down below at the video to learn more about the game. She looks like she's ready to grab Porter Geiss's spray paints and some skates and go for it! I am not big into Ever After High dolls, but this girl is awesomeeee!!! Humm, how many times am I going to use that word in this post. Anyone keeping count? That would be awesome. :-D And can I say, I am loving that Mattle is doing more body art on dolls. I always felt that parents being against it was silly. Her leg art looks amazinggggg!

The next doll is another 2015 SDCC Exclusive, the Mattel Ever After High Raven Queen doll. This doll looks so deliciously evil in her outfit. She looks like she is ready to take you down with a powerful spell. From what I remember, she doesn't want to be evil, but she is seriously giving it to me in this doll. Very nice. But again, I'll have to enjoy the owner pictures of her because yeah, so not going to try affording her. Sooo out of my price range, but she is still so...awesome. :-) Count anyone?

Ok, last one. This one doesn't seem to have an
Amazon sale page, but I saw him on the Monster High Arena (image found here). It's Finnegan Wake. Yes, he's a water monster, but he's in a wheelchair. Meaning he's mobile and in style! Ahhhhh!!! I want this guy so much. He looks so rad and is ready to hang ten with the best of them. I am not sure if he is coming out later this year or early next year. I may or may not get him. He's just so interesting and I can't wait to see real life pictures of him. Come home to me Finnegan! Come home to me!!!

And that brings my list to an end. I know, sad faces all around, but I just had to share with you all my wishful thinking list. I know if I get anyone off this list, it'll probably be about 2 or 3 of them. Which isn't bad by any means at all. And of course if I get any, you guys will be the first to know. :-)

So the Amazon sale was a bust today. There was a deluxe set of Ever After High dolls and a Boo York, Boo York doll and playset, and both were just a few bucks off, so I didn't get any dolls. There was one thing being offered a few dollars cheaper, a K'nex set with 750 pieces. I've always been curious about this toy and wanted to try making some videos with someone building things, but dangit all, by the time my computer acknowledged my click, they were gone. Like literally in one minute all were snatched up and waiting list was full. Another minute later and they were all bought. *pouty face* Oh well, there will probably be a good sale around the holidays, so I can wait and try to get it again. So yes, I left a sale with my money firmly in my pocket. Oh well, I got the new Sims 4 game pack yesterday, so that makes me feel better. I also plan to get some patterns this week or weekend, fingers crossed. If not, they will go on sale again in two weeks, so I can wait. Amazon, you let me down. *sigh* LOL!

And on that note, I am off my lovelies. I will talk to you all in the next post. Be good until then. Take care. Bye for now.

Love always,

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