Monday, July 13, 2015

What's On The Wishlist - 17-inch Monster High Doll / 17-inch Ever After High Doll

Hey guys and gals, how are we all doing today? I hope today reached you with happy thoughts and good things happening, even if it was a cloudy and humid day like it currently is for me right now. No worries, cloudy days are awesome too. I always tell myself something good is going to happen to me on a cloudy day. You just wait, it will, and you all will be the first to know. :-)

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I have been buying things to share with you all on the blog for the past couple of months. A lot of them items were to use in Yesssss, I still have plans to open that darn thing. Ugh, I hate still talking about it now because it's been years. However, I knew I needed some models for the clothes I wanted to make, and I wanted to customize some dolls as well and see how well they sell. So yeah, I have some of those to show you, and some other random stuff I've bought. However, I still need to take pictures of things, and some things I was going to try to make a video of. So until then, I figured I'd share with you guys what's on my want or wishlist.

So from the title, I'm sure you've figured out this post's item. The 17-inch Monster High dolls and the 17-inch
Ever After High doll. I love big fashion dolls. I've always thought to myself, if I make a ball-joint doll I would make her a tall fashion doll. I just love the proportions of fashion dolls, they are much like fashion illustrations and even models that walk the catwalk. The figures are elegant and unique, and that really shows in bigger fashion dolls. So when I first heard about the 17-inch Monster High dolls, I flipped. I knew I had to have them all. I was only first aware of Draculaura, Frankie, and Clawdeen, but then I learned of Gooliope and that she'd recently been released, I had to bring that girl home, and I did. I have yet to take her out of the box, but I plan on doing that this week and then I will share her with you. I've seen some box openings of her and I can already see the hair is going to be iffy, but she's a beautiful girl. Seeing how much I loved her, I had to find out when the other girls were coming out. Seems September or October, from what I've read. Basically, Fall. So I have time. Or so I thought. After watching a video by Anne Pecaro the other day, I learned of 17-inch Maddie Hatter. What?!?

Ok, so I LOVE anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, and I really LOVE anything to do with the Mad Hatter. He was one of my favorite characters in the story, and I knew I would want a Maddie doll when I heard about her. However, I never got one because I was worried I'd want to start collecting Ever After High dolls. That was the main reason I avoided Monster High dolls, there are practically no clothing packs or shoe packs for the dolls, so if you want to make them look different you'd have to buy the dolls themselves and that can get pricey unless you find a good sale. So I avoided it for a long time, but things changed, and now I have several Monster High dolls, and now I have 3 Ever After High dolls, and I still want more. *sigh* However, Maddie is one girl I really want. Only problem is, most of her dolls have gloved hands, so when I first heard about the 17-inch doll, I went looking for her hands first. *sigh again* Gloved. I think it's awesome they found a way to make gloved hands in small scale on the cheap, it makes for more interesting outfits, but I hate not having a "normal" option for them as well. So I was going to pass on 17-inch Maddie, but as I've said, I love tall fashion dolls. So she was put on the list. When I found out she'd be released in either August or September, I freaked out even more. I feel so silly for wanting to bring this girl home, but I simply must. I think I will like the 17-inch size more than they 11.5-inch(ish) size dolls. So, fingers crossed, Gooliope will be getting a new friend in about a month.

Well, after deciding on getting a big girl, Anne Pecaro did a hybrid doll with her Azone doll, Barbie doll, and Maddie Hatter doll. Say what??? Yes, I know, it sounds crazy, but oddly it worked. I'll post the video down below.

*sigh again again* I miss making hybrids. I used to do it all the time back in the day. Time to try them out again. Anyway, from this video I learned that Maddie was shorter than the other dolls in the series? Say what, again????? That sealed the deal for me. I must have this doll. I went searching for her, and though I fell in love with this one with lighter purple streaks in her hair, I just hated the hands so much, so I finally found one in the series without gloved hands. Score!!! So I'm planning to bring this cutie home either this week or next. I want to wait and see what kind of sales will be offered on Amazon Prime Day first. If they offer a Maddie on discount, then I will get her for the hands, and then get the cutie above and just switch the hands out. I may still do that even without a good sale during Amazon Prime Day.

What's Amazon Prime Day you ask? It's an Amazon celebration for Prime Members only, and it's suppose to have better sales than Black Friday. I thought, wow, awesome, a cool Black Friday sale in July. Amazon is so smart...until I got an email from Target boasting about a better than Black Friday sale in July. Then Best Buy chimed in with the same thing, and well, I was like nevermind. LOL! However, that doesn't mean the sale won't be good. I got a big hunk of my Monster High collection during Black Friday sales last year on the Zon, so I am hopeful to get some good deals this week. After the sale, if I didn't manage to get anything overly good, I'll get Maddie. And oh goodness, if they put Gooliope on sale, I am so bringing another one home. I want one to try to customize. *sigh one more time*

So yes, I blame the awesome Anne Pecaro for my wallet being a little more empty. LOL! Honestly, I am so happy to be inspired about dolls again. I was on the fence of giving up on them after the rough couple of years I went through, but then I recently reconnected with an awesome person who told me to just be me and enjoy what I love. And so I am. :-)

So that is what is on the want/wishlist right now. I need my big girls, and my little Maddie. After that, I think I will take a break and enjoy what I have. I have some purchases coming up this year for my gaming hobby, so I need to cut back on dolls for a least until Black Friday rolls around again. What? It's only 4 months away. I can handle that. I hope. ;-)

And on that note my lovely readers, I will end this long post here. The sun is starting to peek through the clouds, the birds are singing, and I've just been asked to go play some Guild Wars 2. It's a good day indeed. ;-) I hope all of you have a great day today and get plenty of play time in. I will talk to you all again very soon. Take care until. Bye for now.

Love always,


  1. Hello from Spain:great new dolls. We keep in touch

    1. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. :-) I've had your blog in my favorites for a long time. Just followed you officially now. Please stop by again. :-) And yes, I can't wait to call those dolls mine. :-) Fingers crossed. I'll keep you updated. ;-)


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